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BMQ in 3 week and I get a Wrist Tendinitis HELPP !!!


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Can someone tell me if it's long before this injury heal ?
A Doctor gave some medicament, but I just hate taking these...

I am so afraid that I'll not be ok for BMQ.... Damn Damn Damn !!!

Someone tell me that with 3 weeks I'll be able to get rid of this.

Oh man so many jokes....so little time....

but seriously if you saw a doctor why didnt you ask him how long?
Well, that doctor gave me something for 10 days, but he also said it could maybe take longer....
So I am kind of scared... And I was hoping that someone could tell me: Hey Man don't worry, I had the same thing, 7 days and it was over...

And for the joke well.... huh.... ^-^
Just before I had to go to my BMQ, my leg just got all sore and stuff, like the tendents and ligaments just started to hurt.  They hurt for a week or so at basic, then it was all good after that.

Just take it easy and hopefully within a week or two it will be all good.
not to discourage u but a friend of mine at work had the same thing - although his was more extensive i think - he had a wrist cast and couldnt work for a few weeks - al though this kid was a huge pu$$y....

I would say that if u allow it to heal, meaning, no heavy lifting, no flogging the dolphin (theres ur joke), and u drink your milk lol, not to mention the occasional iron pills or multi vitamins it will DEFINATELY clear up before 3 weeks - its not serious, even if it doesnt, it will be healed enough to go through it with minor pains.... be a man!!!

so all in all heres your - its all right bro, i know what i am talking about, your gonna be O K!!!! 

kick some ass in BMQ  :akimbo:  :gunner:  :cam:  :skull:
8) Tendonitis for the most part resolves with rest and time.  Cold packs and anti- inflammatories help over the initial incident, but proper stretching and warm up exercises prior to running around in the boonies does help.  You should probably talk to a physiotherapist to get some ideas re: stretching, and prevention.  I've been on several courses where my tendonitis has started up, but with the proper care, I was able to complete the programs with little difficulty.

Don't overuse the limb on your down time, but don't pamper it either.

Relax amigo, I had tendonitis in my forearm on BOTC from putting mod tents together 3 times a day. The Doc gave me some Naproxin and it was gone in about a week.
Keep your hands out of your pants for a few days, you'll have plenty of time for that once you get to your unit.
GerryCan said:
Keep your hands out of your pants for a few days, you'll have plenty of time for that once you get to your unit.

LMAO, now now Gerry, we all know, that is not how he got it  ;D ;D
Pte. McKibbon said:
GerryCan said:
Keep your hands out of your pants for a few days, you'll have plenty of time for that once you get to your unit.

LMAO, now now Gerry, we all know, that is not how he got it   ;D ;D

Of course not!!!  He surely took his pants off!!!  :dontpanic:
Good luck in BMQ BTW!!  :warstory:
I developed Archilis tendonitis (which means you can barely walk) on my BMQ. It really sucks, but mine took up around a good month after I completed my SQ to heal to the point where I wasnt going to get it going again. Just rest it and you may luck out, if not, just tough it out. its doable.
First question, Dominate hand or not...yes it makes a difference.
Second did he give you a brace to immobilize your wrist?

Min heal time for any tendon strain / inflammation is about 14 days. Your doc should have gave you anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin Ibuprofen etc for pain. You should also immobilize it to reduce movement, and gently exercise the part for 5-10 mins every 4 hrs or so. Cooling for 20 min every hr for first two  days after injury, with heat (NOT A535) 10-15 every hour will assist in healing faster.

I get tendonitis in my right wrist every once and a while (or I have tendonitis constantly, but I only feel it once every couple months or so). It's mostly caused by a combonation of weather and spending too much time playing guitar or on the computer. I just wrap it in one of those elastic bandages, take an ibuprophen and occasionally ice it.  It doesn't happen often and when it does, I only have it for a day or two.
I got tendonitis in both wrists in my 2nd year of university (too much typing of theses, among other projects). I was given anti-inflammatories and wrist braces. Now, while the meds may have worked, I found the braces made the biggest difference, and I highly recommend them. They're pretty simple and cheap, and can be bought at most local pharmacies. Wear them 24/7 until the pain starts to go away, but once you can handle it, take them off so that you don't become dependant on the support.

Don't stress too much; this isn't the end of the world, and will relieve itself with a little time and care.