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BMQ Nov 2010

Ahahah, it was nothing at all!
They're very vague with their emails, I was worried they didn't want me anymore or something.

I feel very foolish now. lol  :P
owa said:
Hahahaha, or end up like that guy who went to St. Jean but should've went to Borden haha.  Oh well, so far so good.

I seen that thread.  Pretty unfortunate and a very different string of events.
BK-Ryan said:
Nov. 1st, St. Jean. Coming all the way from Saint John, New Brunswick  ;D

What's your trade?

And it's good to see another east coaster.
Just looking to see who all is starting basic on Nov.22 2010 in the english platoon
Beaton said:
Just looking to see who all is starting basic on Nov.22 2010 in the english platoon

A Beaton from PEI.  Any relation to good old Brett Beaton?
Beaton and Weapon tech

Instead of being a couple of "Jerry's Kids" and starting individual topics to ask who is going to be on Crse with you, JUST READ the BMQ Nov 2010 thread and find them.
Beaton said:
Just looking to see who all is starting basic on Nov.22 2010 in the english platoon


Facebook group for us doing BMQ in november, there are quite a few, myself included who will be starting on the 22nd. :)
lol my girlfriend thought she was being funny and pushed me off the bed and I hit my foot and now when I run I run like the character Dr. House hahaha.  It's one mean bruise and I feel embarrassed running down the street heh.

In case anyone wanted an updated on my training :p
I haven't heard from them but I called about 2 weeks ago, only because I knew I would be really busy with work/ on the road for a while, and it was all confirmed that it was good to go. It feels like I won the lotto. This means a lot to me, and I am so very much appreciative of this coming opportunity.

I am not quite sure if I am still going to get a call with information "officially" I'll do my best to stay out of the subway and answer from now till then anyway just in case.

I will be in the November 8th BMQ.  Enrollment date is October 19th.  I am from Prince Edward Island and can not wait! I am going through for a vehicle tech. 
Anyone going as Sig Op or Combat Engineer that will be starting BMQ in mid-late November? I had my application in AND complete on June 4th but was told the trades were closed.... Just curious as it will give me a better idea of time frame when dealing with the recruiting office.

Good luck all....Lucky SOB's ;)
I'll be attending during that time frame as a signal operator JB 11 11,  I handed my complete application around april 2010 and was given the offer around June. It's very interesting that those trades were closed.