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BMQ Recourse


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If you complete 6 weeks of BMQ and get recoursed for a knee injury, do you have to start back at week 1 for BMQ or do they put you in at week 6?
If you get injured during Regular Force BMQ, you will be put on PAT (personnel awaiting training). You'll most likely stay there until you're good as "new" or healed and join another course from where you left off. In the reserves, you're sent back home and will redo the course later.

To avoid such, arrive to BMQ in the best physical shape possible or that of which you can achieve.

Good luck!
Newguy1, there's speculation here that there's been some changes in the training and no matter your progress you'll automatically be recourse to week one to accommodate the new training plan. I've heard it from multiple sources (including instructors) but don't personally know anybody that's been re-coursed recently. I will update once it's confirmed or denied.
It would be ludicrous for Pvt. Recruit Bloggins to restart the course to week one if he ends up spraining his ankle a week before grad. week. Please report back with the speculation.
ERR said:
It would be ludicrous for Pvt. Recruit Bloggins to restart the course to week one if he ends up spraining his ankle a week before grad. week. Please report back with the speculation.

I would agree. One of the guys from my platoon, just graduated after injuring himself. From chatting with him, if you injure yourself, you will be placed on PAT until your are physically fit. You will then be placed on the next available platoon, that has reached the week you had left, or the week just before it.
i would assume some guys would be OK with having to fall back a week maybe two, they may get exemption on some things (ie weapons test) if they had already passed it
When I got injured at BMQ (keep in mind this was 4 years ago and things *could* have changed),  I was sent to the AWT platoon once it was decided that my recovery would be too lengthy to stay on my regular platoon.
The staff at AWT told me that if I could heal within 3 months (90 days) I would return to platoon life within a week of where I got off (i got injured week 2). But if it took longer than 90 days, as would be the case with a fracture for example, then I would go back to week 0 no matter where I was when I got off. So while it sucks for the guy that is in week 11 and breaks his leg to have to go back to week 0, the thinking was that too much time had passed since he got off platoon, and a re-indoctrination of sorts would be good.
People learn a lot of bad habits on AWT, so re-indoctrination is usually a good thing. Plus it gives you a chance to bond with your new platoon. Harder to gain trust when you join in the last 2 weeks of BMQ.
As for exemptions, some (computer) written tests are exempted. Weapons test you usually run through again, CBRN also. And the EOs of POs (I don't remember which is which, whichever the more important of the two).
There are no MODS in the Reg Force BMQ  You will start from scratch. 
Actually, the new curriculum for BMQ does break it up into 2 modules. This is to make it easier for NCM SEP students to break BMQ into two parts done over two summers. If you are not NCM SEP, the benchmark is week 10. Any injury before that sends you back to week 1 (as there is no week 0 in the new curriculum). I was the first platoon to go through the new curriculum. We had a girl get gastro in week 9 (which was in garrison for us) and she was recoursed to week 1. A guy got sick in week 10 (farnham for us) and got to start at week 10 when he was better.
Someone I know was recoursed in week 8, waited about a month, then was put on a platoon that was in week 4.