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BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

jlv031 said:
ArmyRick you didnt read more than the title right ? Lol.

;D  Milpoints inbound.
There are some good places in the down-town area, by the river to the north of CMR. I like Pizza Choix for food and the bar a couple of blocks west of it (Nordinger?).
If you have a car, or can rent one (maybe a few people would pitch in and go along...), you could always take a trip to Ottawa, Quebec City, Kingston, etc and see a few places rather than just getting smashed and hoping you don't get into shyte.

For food+beer, we went to Boston Pizza or Cage aux sports. For shopping, there's Carrefour Richelieu.
Whatever you do, please don't roam around town with your flat-top haircut wearing your dog tags outside your shirt. No one is impressed. :) 
Just got the call today for September 15 BMQ!  Going in as dental tech! coming from Petawawa.
I got the call last week for Basic on September 8th for AWST.

Anyone else going that day? See you there!  :camo:
See y'all at bmq.

Seanjj said:
Recruiting Centre: Ottawa
Regular/Reserve: Regular Force
Officer/NCM: NCM
Trade Choice#1: MP
Trade Choice#2: artillery
Trade Choice#3:
Application Date: Aug 2013
First Contacted: Aug 2013
CFAT Completed: October 2013
Medical Completed: October 2013
Interview Completed: November 2013
Mpac: May 2014
Position Offered: July 2014
Basic Training Begins: Sept 15
Aug 26th

Just sent them my license plate number today, I'm driving my own vehicle to St. Jean
I'll be at St Jean for Sept 06, for Combat Engineer, with a swear-in on August 20.