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Camelbak, Skydex Pad kit, stealth suit, OTB Boots, Kifaru - Fastball!


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Gents and ladies,

Going on school exchange soon, have some items I want to sell before I leave, if I don't hear back by Tues it'll have to wait till August.  Strongly prefer local GTA sales.  For fastest comms email alfpoon at hotmail dot com  For your consideration:

1.  Skydex Helmet Pad PASGT kit: size 8, NIW, complete.  $40.

2.  OTB Ferdelance boots:  NIB, tan.  I have two pairs, one in men's size 7 and another 7.5.  $70.

3.  Peerless Garments stealth suit top:  New, Gore-tex, size small, OD Green rain jacket.  $105.  Beloved by troops everywhere.

4. Kifaru Express Pack- (2007) OD, grommets, tan buckles and hardware. Used on two weekends then put away, cleaned, pretty much mint. Velcro on top is 2 X 6 " to accommodate CF name tapes and flags. Includes two foliage ITW web dominators. $190 (no 6-8 week wait, customs clearance, tax, shipping).

5. Camelbak Max Grip NT Gloves: Tan, size small, some wear on leather and finger tips. $35.