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Canadian soldier charged with feeding cannabis cupcakes to artillery unit during live-fire exercise


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Verdict is in, Guilty on all charges, sentencing Nov 16th.

Well, clearly I was wrong about the strength of the case. I notice that at the bottom of the article it references two statements she gave to the MPs, so I suspect that that is what "cooked her goose" because otherwise it would seem incredibly difficult to prove who was responsible for the cannabis given the number of people involved in an exercise like that.

EDIT TO ADD: It was actually this article posted by @TheMattHan that referenced statements given to Military Police.

IMHO, proper result.

Judging a case based on media reporting is always a dangerous prospect. We have no idea what the evidence actually tendered in court actually was. I'm going to assume that the verdict was just until an appeal court says otherwise, but really hard to form an opinion with the very scant information given by the press.