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Canadian weapons

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Travis Silcox

okay folks, earlier we were talking about replacing the C7, what about the C6 or C9?

should canada have a standardized shotgun for CQB purposes?

should canada have switched from FN to C7?
Canada does have two types of Remington 870 shotguns. One is a full stock version, the other is a metal folding stock version. I doubt that a typical grunt would see them for FIBUA operations though.

C6 - I don‘t see a particular need to replace them. They are probably one of the most reliable and accurate machine guns out there. The only downside is that it is a bit on the heavy side compare to other 7.62 LMGs

C9 - Go back to the iron sights and you‘d have a good weapon

I heard from several people that the electronic sights on the machine guns were more of a bother if anything, and that they got in the way too much.

personally i haven‘t used a C7 yet, so this is all 2nd hand info , but do you think the sight is decent?
I havent used it either but, i heard from danish soldiers that got the c7 issued recently and they say the elcan sight, above lets say 150 meters, is king of the hill
Just to clear it up, the Elcan sight is not electronic. It is just a 3.5x magnification optic.

If you check other parts of this website, you‘ll probably find a detailed discussion on the merits and faults of the Elcan sight.

I think that the sight is excellent for shooting at the Range; however in poor weather conditions, it isn‘t very good. The sight‘s mounting wing nuts sometimes have a tendency to come lose, causing the sight to lose it‘s zero.

Another concern is that because it is an optical sight, troops can easily develope tunnel vision, and miss what‘s happening around them, therefore reacting slower to new threats.
ok we‘ve been tru this in the past but i chg my point :Iron sights replacable with a reflex site for cqb would be the best i think.
JR, I love that to-the-point honesty

but seriously man, you gotta relax eh,

Travis Silcox
Travis- if any one who knows me, knew I "RELAXED" they would NOT respect me! Your statement is, obviously, that of someone who knows not where he comes from, or where he is going!
Travis- if any one who knows me, knew I "RELAXED" they would NOT respect me! Your statement is, obviously, that of someone who knows not where he comes from, or where he is going!
Mr. MacDonald;

I believe that if you check back in your deep dark past you would have asked all these questions if you had the opportunity when you were just starting out. These are absolute FNG‘s we‘re dealing with here...they will ask some of the most painfully obvious questions that you or I can think of and get disappointed when they don‘t get the answer they feel is their right to have.

I am about to ‘educate‘ about 150 to 250 of these young men and women in about 6 weeks and I can only hope that they are as keen and apparently eager as these two seem to be.

I know what you want to see on this forum and we have "ZERO" control over that. We have the final say if we decide to respond to the folks, or not.

All the Best

Dileas Gu Brath
One thing i noticed today when i went to the recruiting center to do my medicals, military personel dont like being asked questions.When someone asked a question they felt attacked.Though it was funny when i saw them repeating 2 or 3 times when they said:"dont touch the question book before i say so"and people were actually looking at the book in that seamans faces haha.And i failed the vision test :(.So after the holidays im egtting a laser surgery hehe.They wont get ri of me that easily.I got more determination than then em.
I‘m not an expert, but I recall there used to be a one-year waiting period before enrolment after laser eye surgery - just thought I should warn you, in case they didn‘t.
Mr. MacDonald;

You have true class! It‘s not just anyone that can take criticism and be polite at the same time. I commend you for your aplomb.

I have a feeling that we may have met at some time in the past. If we have I hope that it was a pleasant meeting and that we parted with respect of each other. If we haven‘t yet met, I can see from your posts that you are an old soldier that will never pass a fault and that you demonstrate leadership by example...1st class all the way.

All the Best

Dileas Gu Brath
if i need to ait i‘ll wait cause the army is what i wanna do, im not interested in a reorientation.
Travis- watch that laser eye surgery crap. I t is good and effective( got several buddies who have done it.) However if I remember correctly there is a CFMO about saying it its an "unproven / ineffective procedure". I f you are Reg F you CAN‘T get it with out CFMO permission. If you are joining up , the "system " will not react well to it ! Just a warning!!!
Master Blaster- thanks. we are , probably, in the same age/ experience/ time of service /group. I , usually, respond well to a slap in the head, from a peer!!!!:)