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Christmas Carol Thread


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Ok... so i know its a little early, but im pretty pumped for Christmas. I figured, why not try to spread a little bit of holiday spirit, by asking you all, whats your favorite Christmas song or carol?

List away my friends!


Carol of the bells
Hey Hugo, :salute:

     AB Bradbury's wife here (HMCS Iroquois). Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year

One of my recent favorite songs (not so much for Christmas I don't think), would be "Missing An Angel" by Johnny Reid. I think its a country song   ::)   but that's OK.

One of the best Christmas songs out there would have to be Doug and MacKenzie's - Twelve Days of Christmas. We have requested it to be played on radio just about every year when they have the call in and request a song. Anyway, now that I have bored you to death (lol), Merry Christmas to everyone!

S.Bradbury   :cdn:
Adam Sandlers -Funny Christmas song & Hannuka song
Our Regt. Pipe Major playing "Jiingle Bells" on the pipes at our Men's Christmas Dinner.
I perfer to hear .
Christmas times a commin- Bill Monroe and his bluegrass boys.

Kinda like Oh Brother where art thou.
My favourite is John Lennon's (not totally sure if this is the correct title  ???) So this Is Christmas....
Good King Wenceslas

The school I work at just had a carol service at the local church this evening.  Haven't done one of those since I was a kid, in elementary school.  Good fun, eventhough I'm not religious.

Swanita, the title of your pick is "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)"