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Combined Elements Team


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I was wondering if anyone else was ever in a combined shooting team (or even a combined team for anything else)? What was it like? Anyone think it would be interesting

I was asked today to join our city's air cadets marksmanship team by their CO, my sister was already in the team and he knew I had a level (1st class) so he asked me to join. Apparently he got permission to have an army-air team. (air and army cadets parade the same time, the same place and the same night, so their officers know us well and we know them well).

Yep, really small. My corps is barely making the minimum of 30 to be an independent corps. Their squadron has about the same number, a little over 30. The other problem is not enough from the air side seems interested to be able to form a full marksmenship team.
Really? My CO told me it was 30. Well, that gives us a much better chance of remaining an independent corps. Good thing.
Good luck staying afloat!  Keep the training fun and people will come out.  I have never been on a combined elements team, but I did take part in a junior leadership week during March break in the late 80's.  It was a great week and I learned lots.  Any tri element training is a great opportunity to learn more from the other elements.  Any chance to learn is a chance that needs to be taken!!  Quote me on that if you like.  It's mine and currently has no (C).

Cheers!!!  :cdn:

the army guy  :warstory: