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Crossroads in my Career


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Hello all,

Been a long time since I posted here. But I am at a sort of crossroads in my Career and am in the Reassignment process. But its a little more complicated for me as I am under the CEOTP program.

I recently was CT (cease trained) from my trade I enrolled under. It was AEC and unfortunatly I never made it all the way through my trade training.  The reason I didn't make it was because I fell behind the learning curve and some aspects of my skill set were not at the level they needed. With that said I know I could of finished if given enough time, but that was not an option.

So here I am now, in sort of a limbo and I need to progress, and get things moving instread of sitting around as an untrained OJT.

Being CEOTP at this time there are only 4 officer trades open to me. MARS, ARTY, INF, ARMD. that is it. My CFAT scores were high enough for AEC so there are no doors closed to be because of that. The biggest problem I have is I don't have my degree finished, which is limiting my options.

What I'm looking into is some insight about what I should do. I currently haven't submitted my 3 choices for my new trade.

MARS is a trade that interests me the most out of my options. But I'm unsure about my 'sea legs' so to speak as I never really been on the Ocean . I also know this trade has a high failure rate just like AEC, and don't really want to see myself in this same position next year. My math is strong, I would have to say my multi tasking is the weakest skill set. It was on my training with AEC, I'm thinking this may cause me Problems with MARS. I would like to say I can overcome it, but I can't be 100% certain untill I see what the training entails.

All three of the combat arms are not very tempting to me right now. To be honest I don't think my body could hold up to the physical parts of phase 2 and 3. In Botc I had several injuries and it wore my body down, and I know that is a cake walk compaired to phase 2 and 3.

An interesting option that was proposed to me was switch to NCM and explore the option of switching to a Naval Technician (Sonar, Radar, or Comms). This one sounds tempting, espcially for the paid training, not to mention spending time in St. John's as I am a newfie. I guess the biggest question that comes from this, aside from not being sure of my sea legs, what is the quality of life these guys experiance, and how was the training, if anyone here that has hand on experiance.

Another option that I could do would be switch down to RMS clerk on NCM, but this would only be used to get a back door into an Officer trade I do want which isn't open to myself right now. (Air Log)

One option that was explained to me is I could take a year off to finish my degree and be reimbursed, the only way I could get it done in a year is go to Royal Roads, but finacially this is not really an option for me.

The last two options, neither of which I'm really keen on are to either get out of the forces and remuster as more trade options could open to myself that way (ironically). Or to sit on my file indenfitily untill more options open, but I rather be waiting as my file is progressing, rather then waiting to wait so to say.

I appologize for the long post, I'm sure there are more options I haven't explored. I originallly had the plans having a long career in the forces as an officer. But my more important goal is having a long career in the forces. I'm leaning towards MARS as my 1st choice now, but nothing is set in stone. If anyone has any insight about some of the trades or recommendations what I should do, I look forward to hearing it.


I was going to make the suggestion that you attempt to jump on a ship's day sail or dependents day cruise but then I see you are in Cold Lake and the Navy has yet to master the art of portaging 5000 tons of steel! There must be someone there who knows someone who could put you iin touch with a MARS officer on either coast.
As for the NETTP training, not all is done in St John's. If it is anything like the stoker version (METTP) it is optional and seeing as you are likely a little long in the tooth compared to prospective peers, I am unsure as to whether you would be eligible for this. (Could be wrong here)
Pretty much every query you put forth should be able to be answered through DMarPers and/or, your CM as they "should" put you on to respective CMs for trades you may be interested in. Good Luck and besides, the Naval uniform is much 'smarter' than 'the others'! !
Are you still interested in AEC?  If so, and you're serious about going NCM, have you looked at AC Op?  Gives you time in the same trade area, take time to finish your degree on the side, and possibly look at getting back into AEC a few years down the road.
Well, I can speak to the NET part of your question at least.

Training? You could wind up either in Newfie John or Halifax for the initial trades training and Halifax for sure for the hands on equipment training after all the theory. I wound up doing theory training in both (survived the very first NETTP course in 92/93, liver and ring finger intact!!). The quality of the training in both places was first rate and you come out the other end with a civilian certification.

As for quality of life on board? I would not, for one minute, trade places with any other trade on board. Since the gear that the three NET trades work on is in virtually every space on board, we are not tied down to one part of the ship. I would loose my mind being stuck in Ops or the bridge for 7 hours at a stretch. That same seven hour watch in the NET world could see me working on the electronic chart system on the bridge then lending a hand to the weapons techs uploading ammo into the CIWS, then trouble shooting the active sonar and ending the watch up being a safety number for one of the radar techs as they get elbow deep in a fire control radar. There is structure to the watch, but as you can see, you will never wind up doing the same thing every day.

Sea legs? After almost 19 years, I remain amazed at how few people I have come across that are actually chronic sea sick. After seven ships, I can think of four sailors who had to remuster and one WO meteorologist type who gutted it out for 2 years. Anyone who has ever been sea sick understands what a feat that is! Virtually everyone gets a bit out of sorts the first day out. Everyone wonders if they be affected and very few are.

As for possible switch over to Air Log later in the career, don't let that make the choice for an initial NCM trade. A good friend of mine was a sonar tech for 14 years and just recently recieved his commission as a sea log.
Yeah but as MARS, it is infinitely more fun to call the day-working NET to the bridge at 0230 to fix the echo sounder or the ecpins.  ;D
Hey, if I have to be awake  and working at  0230, so should other. The NavO's getting called at 3.
Hey guys Thanks for all the input.

I submitted my 3 choices. Was told I should hear back very soon. I'm going to be Navy either way. Be it a NET or a MARS officer.