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CTV Afghan Army ready to take over


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Like anyone in Canada, who is not a, in the military, b, conversant with the ANA's current issues could even speculate...

but every asshole has an opinion...is it that opinions are like assholes?


Will the Afghan army be ready to take on more responsibilities in six months?

Yes  834 votes    (23 %)

No  1281 votes    (35 %)

It will take much longer  1519 votes    (42 %)

Total Votes: 3634
Will the Afghan army be ready to take on more responsibilities in six months?

Yes  848 votes    (23 %)

No  1306 votes    (35 %)

It will take much longer  1544 votes    (42 %)

Total Votes: 3698

The problem is, as with all polls, the wording is so vague and one has to think of how the results will be interpreted before submitting a vote.

The ANA, if they continue to make the progress they've been making, could very well be taking on more responsibilities in six months. But that does not mean they could stand on their own. Especially since the ANP still have such a long, long, long way to go. I've heard it described (by people that work hand in hand with them over there) that for every three steps forward the ANA take, the ANP bring it all back about two steps.
I voted yes as they will be able to take on more in six months but I know they won't be ready to go on their own yet, a very poorly worded poll, but what can you expect from a newspaper.  ::)
What they are testing in this poll and many others is how well we
comprehend the propaganda.  It's a pop quiz for cynics.

Here, this is what we want you to believe - and how
well do you believe what we want?

This is the rinse that goes with the spin cycle.

As with some people on this site who have and are right now, soldiering with the ANA. We know what their capabilities and limiltations are. We can't rush the ANA into the fray. With proper mentoring the ANA in my opinion are just as good as our soldiers. The problem is letting them go off on their own without our support. In my opinion the OMLT is doing excellent work and should be increased but we should not fast track the ANA's timelines inorder for our troops to withdraw. We were always going to take a second row approach with the Afghans.... it is their country right. I don't know about you but all the ANA I met including the current Afghan Army Sergeant Major, they want their country free and will do the fighting with or without us. Polls are in Canada need to br taken with a poll in Afghanistan to see the true results. My two cents.