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Daily routine and kit ---FOB and austere positions



I have three questions:

1) daily activities: what did the guys on the gunline do to overcome boredome  ::) ...because we all know that the artillery is not shooting 24/7...and what can we bring before from Canada or order over there that would make life much better on the gunline.

2) personal kit: did you ever forget to bring anything or realized over there, holy cow, I should of put that in my BNA's!  I was talking the other day with a gunner, and he told me the best thing he brang and that everybody didn't bring, was vitamins.  I know it's a stupid question, but hey...the small stuff matters.

3) military kit:  did you get 'military' kit other than from the good old QM, what was it and was it worth it (I'm talking ballistic eyewear, boots, tac vests, sleeping bags, liners, mattress, t-shirts, etc...anything..)

These questions may sound stupid, I know, but we are in the process of sending some stuff soon ''over there'' and it would be nice to hear some feedback from guys that learned the hard way  ;D