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Dental Unit @ Dennison Armouries contact info

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I couldn't find this under the CFDS quick links so;

Anyone able to provide me with the phone number for the dental unit at Dennison Armouries in Toronto?
32 H Svcs Centre number is listed as 416-633-6200 ext 3900, from their newsletter on the JTFC/LFCA DIN website.

Hope this helps.
On the DIN, the web link is:


The contact info is:

Reception Phone #: 416-633-6200 Ext: 3925 or 3926 
Clinic Coordinator Phone #: 416-633-6200 Ext: 3922 
Detachment Commander Phone #: 416-633-6200 ext 3920
Fax #: (416) 635-2721

Mailing Address:

1 Dental Unit Detachment Toronto
The LCol George Taylor Denison III Armoury
1 Yukon Lane
Toronto ON M3K 0A1