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Destination Edmonton? -Where am I going?


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I am a Res Pte CT'ing to Reg F (waiting on offer). BMQ/SQ w/ PCP.

I heard that Edmonton was moving to a "High Alert" state (is this a thing?). I imagine this means 1 Fd Amb would be spooling up for *something. (if true) Would this mean Edmonton would be a primary destination to send/offer new MedTechs?

Can anyone speak to where MedTechs are needed right now, where you are seeing a lot of new Medics being sent? (obvs. speculation; but this is a forum :p) FWIW I requested 2 Fd Amb and had been told, "If you request Pet, you'll get Pet" until I chatted with a former member in civvy life who said Pet (in her time, at least) had strong retention and that Edmonton was loosing Medics.