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DND 404 - Driver's Licence ( merged )

The T denotes a training permit, which says to me you're on driver wheeled. C51 or C52 is LSVW if I remember correctly.

It's been a while since I taught a course, but I'm 95% certain with that T you're not driving anything without a driver instructor/examiner in the vehicle with you.
Well certainly not with that attitude.
I remember the old days before fancy computers and it said things like:

Jeep M36,

2 1/2ton truck with trailer

Gun tractor with 105mm Howitzer C2

2 1/2 ton Water truck

5 ton truck

When you had to actually type it in.
Season 4 Jasper GIF by The Simpsons
Hello, I have my DND404 slip, and im wondering what the classes and levels mean

S endorsement


What am I able to drive/operate?
Any help or insight is appreciated

My Google-fu worked, someone posted the codes 12 years ago and I merged the threads. Only one that is missing is C35.

51 is LUVW (GWagon)
52 is LUVW MilCots
62 is LSVW