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Dukes Coy Insignia?

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Anyone have this in hi resolution?
A long shot I know.
Can not for the life of me, find anything on the internet that has it.
Need it to be able to be crisp and clean at about a four by four inch box.
You back in 1?

If you are, check the N drive.  If it's not there, the kit shop will have something.
naw getting out to play part time again man.
just needing to add this to my collection.
i'll give em a ring, just didn't bother with it yet since last time i went it, they had nothing coy wise in there anymore.
there or QOR's. depends on a few things in the next coming while about hirings.
I'll doubtlessly run into you at one or the other, then.
figured maybe i can give this a bump. not in pet but still in need of a pic of the dukes coy insignia.
neat how there's a notice saying this thread is old, i wish all boards had that!
I've been through my files and don't have anything in high resolution.
why didn't i think of contacting you?
i have hi res stuff
just i need of stuff with the colouring now. i can get two and two put together.
indeed it shall Mr. O'Leary
remind me if i ever see you, to buy you a pint at some point.
well this thread is done now :)
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