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DUSTOFF Crew INterview


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The crew that flew the North Korean defector to the hospital is interviewed. The flight took 22 minutes but it was intense as the medics worked to stop the bleeding.


SEOUL, South Korea — The U.S. medic who treated a North Korean defector shot several times while fleeing across the border didn’t think the man would survive the flight to the hospital, he said Thursday.

Sgt. 1st Class Gopal Singh was part of the four-member military medevac crew that flew the North Korean soldier in a helicopter from the jointly patrolled area in the Demilitarized Zone to a hospital south of Seoul.

Singh recalled that he was so worried that he said a prayer for the wounded man before they began the 22-minute flight at a speed of about 160 mph.

“I remember thinking this guy is probably going to die in the next 15 minutes,” he told Stars and Stripes in an interview at a hangar on Camp Humphreys. The flight was expected to take at least 20.
Thanks G2G.  Good video which for me leads onto Inside Combat Rescue from National Geographic.  Excellent as well.