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End of Career Sale


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Finally Retiring and have some items I can't use around the house.

CADPAT Day Pack (Great Canadian Kitshop) very good condition $35.00
CADPAT Knee Pads (New) $35.00
CADPAT Pouch, Large (New) $20.00
Cbt Boots Mk3 with Vibram Soles. (10-10 1/2E) New Never Worn $60.00 (Sold)
Cbt Belt (New) $15.00
SATS Tourniquet $30.00
Black Swiss Seat, (Nylon climbing rope, large enough to make special Swiss seat.) $30.00
First Aid Kit (Pouch with supplies, most expired good for trg) $30.00
3L Camelbak with cleaning kit $40.00
A7A Straps (pair) $20.00 (Sold)
Helmet Scrim $25.00(Sold)
US Style Poncho $20.00 (Sold)
Bag of Cold Weather Socks (Large)(New in package) $20.00

Pictures available at http://www.defencemedals.ca/Surplus%20Items.htm

*Bonus* Purchases that total over $100.00=free shipping, otherwise buyer pays shipping costs.

Please PM with questions or email at defencemedalscanada@shaw.ca

I might be interested in the Patrol Bag, or knee pads, might look funny with my ACU, but I like it!
Three more days and then remaining items will be up on eBay.

Thanks for looking!
It's one of the fanny packs issued with the smallpack.