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[ENQUIRY] North Atlantic Treaty Organization


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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in a nutshell is "attack on one is attack on all."

What if a NATO member becomes the aggressor and attacks a foreign nation, that foreign nation counter-attacks with full force onto the NATO aggressor's soil.

At this point, will the entire NATO gets mobilized and view that self-defence act from the foreign nation as an attack on all?

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to any replies.
Greece and Turkey ( both NATO members) went to war with eachother over Cyprus. The whole alliance didnt come apart attacking eachother.

Article 5 of the NATO charter is not cut and dry..........every situation will be different.
Further to that, the events leading to the original attack and the political climate at the time would dictate the response. Its not as simple as you think.

"An attack on one is an attack on all" sounds good on paper but its not that simple in reality. NATO members could not even agree tamongst themselves to deploy NAEWF assets to Turkey to help protect the country when the US was proceeding with OIF.

I suspect that supporting such a strike by a member nation would not go over well politicaly within most member nations.