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failing the pt test for the reserves

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if you should happen to fail the pt test after the medical when it the next time you can try again and do you have to go though the whole application process again!!!!!!
Search; lots of topics on PT, failing a test in the recruiting process, etc
Why don't you ask when you go for the test?

Or better yet, don't go there expecting that you might fail. Go there expecting to pass and have the fear of going though the whole application process again or re-doing the test again.

If you do for whatever reason fail the test, knowing the ramifications of that before hand will not change anything
I'm not sure if the same regulations apply to your area, however having done mine a few months ago I believe the period was 30 days if you were to fail.

Don't get too hung up over it though, in my opinion knowledge of these things simply makes you more jittery to begin with.

Go in expecting to pass, fully confident and you should do just fine.
I got an out of the box idea... Set the date of the fitness test to a day you know you will meet the minimum standards... How hard is that?
AFAIK, if you fail your PT test, the CFRC wants to see you've made an improvement to improve your physical fitness level before granting you a second attempt, which can be two weeks to a month away from the original.

If you fail your second attempt, more than likely you're going to have to really change your level of fitness before the CFRC will book you for a 3rd attempt. At this point you will have to prove to your CFRC what you've done and what you can acheive now.

To add to the below, if you fail a second time, you will be counselled by an MCC, and when you are told you can rebook for your 3rd attempt, you will have to pay for it.
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