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fitness validation IAP


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Apparently during the first week of IAP at St. Jean they do a validation of the CF fitness test that was done initially to get in.

My question is, do they do the step test again, or is it the shuttle test this time?
Also, what if you fail one of the components? i.e. you are 2 push ups short.  Are you kicked out and sent home, or are you given another chance??


They do the step test. You do the test once at the start and then towards the end again. And there's a retest for both. So there's four chances to pass. Although you don't want to be one of the ones to fail it...you have up until the last time to pass it. If you fail one part you fail all the parts. Even if it's by one push up or sit up or whatever. Hope that helps.

Cheers, Sarah
when i did basic we did the shuttle run and we did the test at the start (practice and at the end you do it again for score but remebering you do pt all through basic i wouldnt worry about it