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FOR SALE: DZ 64/ALICE Pack Main Bag - $180 obo


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Being a keener, I bought this piece of kit before qualifying, thinking that I would slowly build myself the "ultimate" rucksack. Well, as it happens, my RSM is particularly adamant that we stick to only issued kid, and so I'm looking to recoup some of my expenses.

For sale is a new, never-never-been used, "main bag" from <a href="http://www.dropzonetactical.com/backpacks/64alice.html">Dropzone Tactical</a>. It retails for $240, but I'm willing to sell it for $180, or the best offer I receive. Buyer pays shipping costs, which will be calculated upon purchase. I am located in Montreal, Quebec, and prefer payment by money order, although depending on your army.ca status, I might accept personal cheques (I figure that good status here likely means good standing elsewhere...).

Contact me at: that old fool AT hot mail DOT com. No spaces in the email address, and, obviously, replace the AT and DOT with suitable characters.



Just hold onto it until you are reg force or task somewhere else away from the RSM.