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Freefall Accident

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Recently there was an accident during a MFP course............I am friends with the individual however I am enroute to my new posting.................without mentioning any names, does anyone have an update on him?

No offense MikeM, but you would really have no idea about the accident or even know the consumate professional soldier whom was involved.   This has been a significant blow to the Airborne community, everyone who knows him has no doubt heard the news.   No need to go on, if you would like more info, and are a friend of the injured, feel free to PM me.
Here is from the RCR Regt Adjt:
I regret to have to pass along the news that * * * has suffered serious injury sustained in the course of a parachute descent on the Military Freefall Parachute Instructor Course at the CPC Trenton Thursday last. He is in the Neurological Intensive Care Ward at * * *. His injuries are serious but not life threatening.

Names have been removed.  If you don't know who it is, you don't need this information anyway.

Not open for further replies.