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French vs English

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Hi I was wondering if language plays a big part in getting in sooner than later into the army? (applying from montreal)

I was told recently being an english speaking person I should look at choosing V tech and mobile support(in demand currently) ,I'm guessing because they are trained in ontario mostly.
Do french speaking recruits have more choice of the career trades?  my french is ok etc :subbies: :gottree:

Also on that topic, once I reach saint jean are mostly every one french there or do they split us up there or after saint jean etc thanks!
French and English speaking recruits have the same choice in career trades because those available to you are based off your CFAT scores.

Most of the staff at CFLRS are French but super bilingual just like in Montreal.

You're placed onto either a French or English speaking platoon based on your preferred language.

Hope it helps.
It doesn't matter whether you speak French or English. All training for one trade is done at the same base.
In your case, veh tech and MSE Op are both done in Borden, ON. Both are offered in English and French. Your language of instruction will depend on the language you do BMQ in, unless you put in a memo requesting the other language AND do language testing to prove your proficiency in that language.
PAT platoon (holding platoon, happy time study group, whatever they call it these days) is also usually at the same base as the course.
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While yes all trades are available to all recruits they are not all taught in both official languages. As an example, Ammo Technician trades training is only offered in English so French speaking personnel are required to get their BBB English language profile in order to be course loaded.