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FS - Complete CP Gear/Blackhawk/Warrior Gear jump ruck cadpat

Vince S

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Up for grabs is my CP Gear 64 ruck Gen4 in cadpat complete with Blackhawk! Enhanced Alice Shoulder straps, Warrior Gear kidney pad/Back pad, CP Gear A7A Straps and 3 Carcajou Cadpat modular pouches and US issued ALICE frame (which I find is a better fitting that the 64 frame).

Ruck is in great shape except for a single strip of webbing that adapts the CTS pouches on the front. The stitching blew out but it's an easy fix. Doesn't affect the ruck at all. The shoulder straps were coyote but have had an healthy dose of OD Krylon.

Shipping from Quebec.

Looking to get 225CAD shipping charges included. I am not allowed to use it anymore so it's been collecting dust for the last few months.

Payment to be made by EMT / PP+4%