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Got my call...almost...


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Got a message on the phone today from the CFRC Ottawa about my file.  Now the only problem is no one is answering this afternoon.  I've been told my offer is ready so now its just a matter of talking to someone about it.  The anticipation is killing me!!!  I'll keep this updated with details as I get them.  Cheers.

And so it is.  I finally got in touch today with the CFRC Ottawa.  I get sworn in on Aug. 25th/2006 and Start BMQ/SQ on Sep. 4th in St. Jean.  That finishes on Dec. 1st and then I'm posted to Borden on PAT Platoon until I do my QL3.  Almost brought a tear to my eye.  Thanks to everyone who helped me out and reminded me not to cry about it when I was getting impatient.  Cheers!

Hey, I am going your path,

Well what are you going for? I am  Combat Engineer , im going in with the 31 Devision.
Semi skilled Med Tech.  Not sure where I'll be after.  I was told I'd be posted to Borden afterwards for PRETC.
Medic269, look for a guy named Timpany on your basic, he's a good buddy of mine. His trade is Infantry I believe.
when did you receive the first call.. i have been in limbo since march 22 .. that is when i had finished with all of the recruitment requirements... and i have just found out that my file went before the review board on Monday July 25..... there were a few things on my file which delayed it ,, prior service and a record check.....
I believe my offer was put in late Friday and I recieved my call on Tuesday.
Awsome! i heard some similar details as well, cfrc called and told me they are preping my file for the reserve unit recruiter, and then i am to wait for a swear in date.

- Best news i've heard in years!!
-Congrats man!

I'll be seeng you there aswell. I have the same BMQ date, My trade is infantry.....See ya there :salute: