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Great Names in the Royal Canadian Armour Corps

One L, no S, hold the mayonaise.  Bloody good with a slingshot in a Mediterranean urban environment.


Rick was my crew Commander in a ferret Scout car , we did a tour In Australia as well what a man the Brekanridge.
TCBF said:
Andy, welcome aboard!

Gerhard? Retired.  I just e-mailed him this morning.  Saw him in Petawawa last Dec.

MWO T.J. O'cconor-Nepinak is SSM HQ Sqn KOCR in Calgary.  Saw him a month ago.


I know this post is older than the Armour corp itself but I thought I'd resurrect it,
O'conner-nepinak is with the fort garry horse now for the last year of his career,
what makes him a great name of the armour corp and why doesn't he roll down his sleeves?
"I know your all wondering why I don't roll down my sleeves, Well I"m here to tell you there's a reason" .... and he walks away....
Having just come across the site, maybe he's been mentioned before; but would Chris Mariner Capt/Maj make the "Great Names list"?  As a Strat he served the Regiment well, good to the troops and down to earth. (He used to kick my butt at RISK all the time). 
Sadly, he passed away while on course in the UK.  A Roll over I think.  He was on his way up.  I believe a great loss to the Regiment and the Corps. RIP
Definatley some long lost names for me.

Rousseau was my first Tp Sgt, he was also one of my first commanders who would for some strange reason would not let me out the gunners seat during rather long hot days Fallex 84.

Tuner was a man amongst men as far as I am concerned, he got me a nice long trip in a Kiawa while I was wating for my son to be born.

Breckenried was my Tp WO after I got back from Germany in 87, sent me to Petersville for a few months until I remustered.

Rothenberg was a real hardass but he was a great leader.

When we moved from Shmiehiem to Obershofhiem Jerry took over our appartment.

Gerry called the wire cages full of the landlord's bunnies "Death Row".  He get that from you?


The place was roughly the size of the average phonebooth!!!

ANyway couldn't have been any worse then living across the road from a pig farmer, didn't realize until we were woken to the screaming of a pig that was being butchered......gotta love Germany?
Heh, funny I came to the last page of this thread half hoping Gerry might be cool enough to make it on this list, and he's the first thing I see.

With only a little input, he taught me to love Armoured... Actually it was more the picture on his wall of the Leopard firing of a round, but none the less...  8)
Did anyone yet mention Col. Clive Addy?.As a Sgt.FCS tech.I was
tasked as the first Snr.Nco to command a 4 SVC.Bn. Log. support gp.,
79 or 80.Previously it had always been commanded by a Capt.and
after reading the after action reports of these Log.supports I came to the
conclusion that I was in for an interesting 3 weeks in Bergen Hohne.
Another potential problem was the I was forced to take 2 females with
me as part of the group, as part of the "Females in a near combat role"
trial.The RCDs were somewhat less than enthusiastic.particularly the
Snr.NCOs.However it all went well and at the end of the deployment
the good Col. wrote a letter to my unit starting out,"Due to the efforts
of this Snr. NCO this is the finest Log. support this unit has experienced
in recent years".And it went up from there,so as you can see were my
affection for Col. Addy stems from. A fine judge of men and probably,
horses,Ha Ha.Another person I would like to mention from this
deployment was RSM. Cross or the 17/21Lancers he kept the SGTs.
mess entertained for 3 weeks.I understand that the 17/21 while not the
official sister regiment of the RCD.were in fact the sister regiment of
time expired said:
Did anyone yet mention Col. Clive Addy?.

Yes.  In the very first post. 

It took him twenty odd years, but he finally agreed with me that the SSF boots did make the CF uniform look sharper and added a little bit of extra pride in the soldier wearing them.
How about good old Chuckie Hills?

I was his driver for a few minutes, during the Munsingen party of 86 I believe, we would pull some rather long road moves in the middle of the night, one night at roughly 4 in the morning I started nodding off and we were in the middle of a long left hand sweeping turn, next thing I knew I seen his wedding ring graze my head as he himself woke up and seen the fog markers coming at a good rate of speed, or at least as fast of the old 5/4 t radio van could go!!!!! I have a few other stories as I was also in 4tp B Sqn with him for a while as well.

Groovy will forever be burned into my mind, god love him he would give you the shirt off his back! Hey Skinsssssssssss!!!!!!

Marty said:
He passed away a few years ago, I think 5 or 6 after he got out , he had a bad heart. I worked for him a range Control as well . A good guy .

My Dad's last posting was Gagetown, lived on Covert St. Passed away Jan 31, 1994 aged 60.He had enjoyed about 5 years of retirement. Bad hearts do indeed run in our family.
Was in Petawawa this summer visiting Marion McNeil (Widow of Donald "Duck" McNeil) and was invited to an RCD BBQ with some of Dad's "old" buddies, 8CH also. Had a wonderful time.
Allen Tower
- Thank you for that post, Allen. 

- Oh, and welcome to army.ca!
TCBF said:
Bruce (On the Lake Geneva Shoreline) is RSS Edmonton.  Chris just got back from teaching an O/C Crse in Borden.  The Brits have pulled out of Wainwright, and Andy has found new employment.  Bill  was the other Tp WO with me in Kandahar, and he just did a stint as the Recce Sqn SQMS in Kabul.  Majic is retired, I think.  Howard, I am not sure.  Conversation still rocking here.

Montrose is Back IN NB as of present, once again With 8CH, after a stint with the SALH
Rusty_Poth said:
How about good old Chuckie Hills?

Just noticed this one.  Chuck Hills is/was now a Capt wearing the LdSH (RC) capbadge again, and has a Strat lic plate on the front of his truck.  I ran into him in Ottawa and he was doing the CIMIC thing a couple of years ago.