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Griffon Helicopters, INGRESS and Kandahar [Udate: Deployment officially announced!]

no, I know they were going to Afghanistan but are they all ready over there and flying missions (or capable) as of now, or do they have to wait a few months, or whatnot

Look up........Read the posts above yours and .........OK......Read them aloud for all of us to hear.......What have Strike and Scoobs Posted?
OldSolduer said:
Armored guys!!! LOL How are you?  ;D

Oh, you know.

Making friends one 120mm HEAT round at a time.      ;)

Recce By Death said:
Oh, you know.

Making friends one 120mm HEAT round at a time.      ;)


Haha!!! Good one! Wish I was there....I would love to make some new friends! ;D
forgive me if this has already been said, I may have missed it - but has there been any speculation on which squadrons will be involved in this? 
sorry if this may be a bit of a silly question.
There will be participation in one form or another by several others as well, in the form of augmentation.
Good2Golf said:
Isn't one barber enough?  ???



It'll be nice to have the extra flexibility to get stuff done around the AOR that was hard to do before.


Should have seen the 20 odd mountain bike's they brought in and had the Air Force ground team assemble them and test ride them while waiting for the main kit to arrive.

Are your mountain bike's working out o.k.?
Recce By Death said:
Making friends one 120mm HEAT round at a time.      ;)

Next time you guys are going to make friends at 4 am, please let me know first? I was sleeping approx 150 feet from the Leo2 for a part of my tour.... I thought the world was ending.
PuckChaser said:
Next time you guys are going to make friends at 4 am, please let me know first? I was sleeping approx 150 feet from the Leo2 for a part of my tour.... I thought the world was ending.

Sorry about trying to save your life and it getting in the way of your sleep...stay in KAF if you want a good nights rest.      ;)

AirCanuck said:
what are those from?


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