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Helicopters at work- Powerline Construction in Alaska

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Thread title says it all. What a fascinating video and the work must have been an awesome experience for all.  We see Wilson Powerline  helicopters flying up the valley heading north quite often. Seems like a well run, highly efficient organization.


BC Hydro had hired a company to string a wire over a busy little river used for commercial navigation. They told everyone a day before that they were "closing the river" to fly the cables across. They were very unhappy when I showed up with a Stop Work Order just as the helicopter was about to take off to start. Not a lot of sympathy as we had told them how to communicate with the river users and how much time to give them to adjust their schedules to accommodate a closure. 
BC Hydro would not like that. They have a real king of the hill attitude. 
Yes, I had to do 70 approvals for Site C, their idea was that everyone should go away for 10 years and come back when they are done. Yea no......