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HG&E movement - question about weight


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Has anyone here ever had a move back to Canada from OUTCAN and found their weight for HG&E seemed high?

Most people will acquire things while overseas, so it is logical that what you bring home could weigh more than what you took over there.  Are you also aware that when calculating your entitlements, they include the weight of both the stuff you're bringing home as well as the stuff you left in storage in Canada?  The CF only pays to move a total of 20,000 lbs out of core, regardless of whether it's in storage or overseas.  If the total weight of what's in storage (which has to be moved somewhere when you get home), plus the stuff you're bringing home from overseas, exceeds 20K lbs, then you have to pay the difference in cost out of your custom and personal envelopes.
I just moved back from OUTCAN in the US. I moved down with 16K, somehow came back with 22K...I bought a few things, but not 6000 pounds worth. We're going to have to eat the extra 2000 pounds, but it does seem weird.
Did the driver give you a copy of the weigh station report?
was the vehicle inspected prior to the initial weighing?

Sometimes the drivers will have a near empty fuel tank for that and then a full tank when they go back loaded.  One of the things the inspectors check for.  There are other little tricks but that is the most common one the movers will try.