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Image Technician




I know a lot of peoples on this forum are in the army. So if any of you know someone who is image thecnician or juste have some info about it let me know.

I‘ve been on the recruit web site of DND but I‘d like to know more about what an image technician. Is it a soldier like any other with a camera or hes only taking pictures ? Can he go to mission somewhere in the world ?
I dont know much about Image Tech‘s, but if it‘s just a photographer, there‘d either be taking pictures at ceremonies, training, an on Operations where canadian soldiers are at(Combat Camera), like Afghanistan, Former Yugoslavia, etc
image tech is an air force MOC, they usually start out taking pictures of things like accidents or other stuff that needs to be documented like that. later on you can move onto more exciting things like being the governor general‘s personal photographer.
"governor general‘s personal photographer" .. but that sucks.

What I thing is realy exciting is to follow the squads in mission and take some cool pictures. Just like those we find in combat camera site. Arent the sources of combat camera image thec ?
Arent the sources of combat camera image thec ?
yeah, those are taken by image techs. just remember that you‘ll probably spend a few years doing some pretty dull stuff first. talk to a recruiter about it, they‘d know more.
.. but that sucks
Yeah, it might, but so do a lot of things in the military. If you want to anything worthwhile in the CF, you have to earn it. It‘s not handed to you on a silver platter the moment you sign up, nor is anything worth doing.

I‘ll give you a hint. Basic training really sucks too, but you ALSO have to do that. Even if you were a civvie photographer, it would take you DECADES to get into that kind of position. No publisher in his right mind would send a kid into a combat zone with no experience in the field or in journalism.

"Of course it‘s hard. If it was easy then everyone would do it. It‘s the hard that makes it great."
if I decide to go Reg Force later on, I‘m looking into being a photographer, hopefully work for "Combat Camera"

I know that my first lil while as a photographer will probly be boring jobs, I acccept that

I‘am just wondering if any of you know anything about this MOC, like requirments for getting into it etc, I‘m posting here, an gonna contact CFRC Vancouver in a short while about info
I'm part way through the recruiting process and as my 1st choice of trade have listed image tech. I am fully aware that I've made a difficult choice here in terms of competitiveness, etc., I work as a photographer in civilian life though and I'm determined to carry on. Any suggestions on how to get an edge?
I am wondering the same thing. What are they looking for for Image Tech.  My experience is tech support for Nikon. This is for the entire digital line.
Image tech'sare both reg and resl trades, heres the site for both... 
reg- http://www.recruiting.forces.gc.ca/engraph/career/tradeinfo_e.aspx?id=541
res- http://www.recruiting.forces.gc.ca/engraph/career/tradeinfo_e.aspx?id=1130
So I went to the recruitment center here in Calgary, and iam really interested in this trade, the trade is rarely open and when it is , its pretty hard to get into
Does anyone know how I can stand out more than other applicants ?
I my self am a photographer and just would really love the experience
any tips or ideas would be pretty helpfull
Are you a professional photographer and do you have any related education and training?

Everyone who comes into my office and wants to be an Image Technician says that they are photographer but very few (one or two) can prove it.
i had a friend who worked at dciem toronto and was the photo tech. interesting trade, great equipment he carried around.  he was sent to Kodak U  in New York on course and a few other outside military school for more training.
you will need to show prove of work and knowledge before they take you. I like taking pics, been published in various army news papers,  books and other such things but I am not a photo tech. good luck
yeah iam hardly a pro
ive just done some freelanceing
nothing fancy
never gone to school, i was hopeing just knowing your way around a manual camera would be enough
but i guess not huh
a couple of my army buddys said one of there buds in BC got into the image tech and they didnt even know anything about photography he just changed trades and bam he was in.

but from what iam hearing its alot harder than that?
Not even going to get into "I heard this and that" thread.  Yes, people with no experience at all have joined as 541s but that is very hard to do now but you will never know until you try.  Good Luck.

If you are really interested in the position, you might consider getting some qualifications while you are applying. I don't know if it will help your application, but I am aware that SAIT offers a certificate in photography which you can probably get fairly quickly:


It is probably not equivalent to a 'professional photographer' training (where would one get that?).   I don't know if CFRC will recognise the credential or not, so you should bring the information on the course to them and see what they think.