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Interview advice (merged)



Hi All,

I had my testing yesturday and I thought that I‘d bring forward my experience for others to draw on. To put it into context, I‘m applying as a DEO with an Electrical Eng. degree and 5 yrs private sector experience.

The aptitude test was easy enough. Split into three sections: vocab/word assoc., spacial, and math. I would practice some spacial questions before hand just to get a problem solving strategy going...cause they can be tricky. The math is easy enough, but you may want to practice your fraction math and basic relationship solving skills.

The interview...not much to say here. Be yourself and you‘ll get through fine. I believe that if you finish the worksheet sample questions from the recruiting site, then you will be ok.

The physical...normal stuff...nothing to worry about.

Overall, I think I‘m in. I passed everything but do have some stuff for my family doctor to sign off on.

I hope this helps those of you who are getting ready for this. Don‘t sweat it...you‘ll do fine.

I have my interview/medical/physical this thursday (31st) and was wondering if you knew how long does it takes to get into basic after you‘ve completed the testing process, and would wearing a suit be too formal? I don‘t have any other "interview worthy" clothing so. Thanks.

- Patrick
I don‘t really know how long between interview and basic is...in general. For my case, my interview was Oct.21 and they told me that I‘d be in basic in January...so about three months. Yours might be longer or shorter depending on how desperate they are for your skill set.

As for the interview...treat it like any other. Wear a suit. Look professional. This is the way to go for any interview. You probably get away with a shirt and tie, but for me this does not send the appropriate message.

Good luck.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. This is serious, so dress serious sorta thing hehe.

Thanks again. I‘m sure everything will go smoothly.

I‘ll post how it goes when I get back.

- Patrick
Thanks for that, Jug.

I had my interview this afternoon and everything went well, I think.

To echo Jug‘s original advice, fill out that worksheet. Know thineself...
Definatly know yourself and what your career objectives are.

Know why you are there and why this career path lines up with your objective. Just going into the military because you think its cool is not a good objective.

Don‘t just go in there and think you can wing it, because it will show through in the interview. Know every aspect of your resume and be prepared to talk to each point.
And i‘m assuming this goes for both regular and reserve?
Yes -- I‘ve applied to be a DEO Reserve officer, and I think the interview is the same for both regular and reserve.

I would suggest if you are applying to the reserves that you be able to explain why you made that particular choice...
I am preparing for my interview and i was wondering if its really a possiblity to fail it?
And is their anything i should know about what i might be asked besides whats listed on the "Preparing For Your Interview" paper.
I did the interview in October.
Dress well, be yourself, and tell the truth.

Their only trying to find out if your crazy or not, truly there is nothing to worry about. I think my interview was about twenty minutes.

I was asked about my education, and work history and how do I feel about people who are different.

Don‘t worry about it.
Yup...you can fail it.

If you lie...you‘ll fail.

If you tell them about some fetish involving a chicken, duck-tape and a road flare...you‘ll fail.

But if you‘re a sane normal person who is honest and up front then you‘ll do fine.
My advice would be to know yourself. Think about what you want to do and why. Think about what you may be asked to do, and if you could do it.

Other than that, don‘t sweat it. Be yourself, but KNOW yourself.

Filling out that worksheet they gave you is a great place to start.
Hey fellas..

Could any of you guys remember what it was like at those testing days?
Im just wanting to know what I can do to prepare myself

If i was to be honest and trell them upfront that i will suck at situps, will i still be fine? :(
my friends brother is joining the reserves and he got like 45 push ups but only 19 sit-ups so i would think if you hit 19 you should be fine.
situps really arent that hard. just make sure you are doing the PROPER PSP-approved ones.

Train on an incline, makes it way easier.

But yes, my interview was a bit more elaborate, due to it being for the ROTP program, but in general I have heard its best just to be honest, ensure you have well-researched your trade AND the training phases you will undergoe. A popular question is

"Do you know what will happen after you enrol in the forces training wise?"

They like to see you care about your future, and arent going to join up because your parents thought it was a good idea and iwll quit week 2 of BRT/BOTP
Be honest. Fill out the little worksheet that they gave you in your application package before you go in for the interview. For me it was a big help.

If you suck at a particular part of PT, be honest about it. Don‘t be afraid to identify a problem, and tell them what you‘re doing to deal with it.

They asked me about my PT, and I did just that. No problems.

As an aside, do as much PT as you can before you go to basic. You‘ll thank yourself for it later.

Good luck on the interview.