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Irritations of this Season of Peace


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Hi everyone,

As we all know, Christmas is supposed to be a season of good will toward men & peace but i was wondering/hoping that we could start a post about the things that drive you crazy during this hectic time of year & I'll begin...

My thing is that people will fight to the death for a crappy parking space at any mall. or...
Everyone pushes past each other without so much as a grunt of an apology if they bowl you over in the meantime  >:D.

So vent away Army.ca!!!

P.S. FYI Christmas is my favourite time of year, but wanted to hear the "not so niceness" of the season.  ;D
1) Kids crying because they don't want to wait until Christmas to get a present AND then the parents give in to the kid and buy it for them
2) People who rob the Salvation Army donation thing
3) The crappy Christmas Carol remixes by modern artists
4) And yes, the morons who fight over a parking spot
1) People that fight over the last of any item
2) Mean, smelly, grumpy people that are christmas shopping
3) Store staff that take out their stresses on customers
4) Parking  :crybaby:
The "De-Christmassing" of the holidays, ie " festive season", or "Happy Christmakwaanhannumas".
Kat Stevens said:
The "De-Christmassing" of the holidays, ie " festive season", or "Happy Christmakwaanhannumas".

+1 to that!  I can handle all of the other things, but that alone drives me insane.
Something that really nibbles at my gonads is how they are taking the christmas spirit out of schools these days due to political correctness... I remember being in grade 4 and being part of the choir and we sang alllllll the carols, including the uberchristian ones, because even then we knew that everyone could make their own choice of religion. These days, the parents are so goddamned paranoid about EVERYTHING that they can't even call it "christmas" in most elementaries!!  >:( >:( For gods sake, it's the one time of the year when a kid gets to utterly and truly be a kid, and the parents are ruining it all. It's not a freaking "holiday tree," it's a goddamned "CHRISTMAS TREE"

As you can tell... this really irks me...  :-\
It has even hit our army, why has Christmas Dinner been changed to SEASONAL Dinner? Honestly, too much.
I absolutely hate:

*the way that commercialism has forever scarred what I remember Christmas being like.
*grumpy people
*people who forget basic manners(even while driving)

The fact that the season starts in October instead of 1 December

The fact that I am practically the only one in a three block radius to put Christmas lights outside

Some fat dude knows if I've been naughty or nice; gives me the willies...I suspect his spies are everywhere and consequently I trust no one...
I know how you feel Michael, I punched a midget in the face the other day because his ears were abnormally long.

I hate how people only espouse the belief of goodwill and peace among mankind during the Christmas season and go right back to be complete Twats on January 2nd.
Being in the reserves, and thus full time in school, leaves me with very little money, AND time. 

1: Finishing up the last final exam on Dec. 20, leaving about 4 days of mad shopping in over crowded malls with all the good things already gone and huge line ups and the shops looking like its the end of days with people gone berserk like headless chickens running around.

2: Even for the traditional aspect of things, doesn't leave me much time to think up nice things for the people I love and again makes everything WAY last minute. 

3: Being exhausted from that final exam session, partying hard during the break, means not much rest when the other semester start.  Hehe.  Dunno if that one's a bad thing tho...
The wholesale, politically-correct removing of anything "Christian" during this "holiday" season! In Winnipeg at my sons' school, no mention of Christ or Christmas was allowed. But the halls and gymnasium(for the Holiday concert, not Christmas concert) were covered with posters depicting and mentioning Kwanzaa and Hannukah. I personally don't care what faith a person is but if we are going to "outlaw" anything Christian at this time of year should not the same thing be applied to ALL FAITHS!

It is time for Canadians to put an end to this PC nonsense, all faiths preach charity, love, forgiveness and respect for others. Maybe it's time to implement this. Maybe, if you are one of those people who get offended by anything Christian invading your sad and pathetic lives, we should remind ourselves that our forefathers (predominatly Christian) helped settle this country, and based our system of law and order and government on mainly CHRISTIAN ideals.

As I mentioned earlier, I have no problem with people of other faiths, but I have a HUGE problem with those who are trying to change our society to a bland, non-offensive, no tradition wasteland! Folks it is Christmas time, it is a Christmas tree, if you don't observe that faith, fine. Just don't expect me to call it anything else.

Thus endeth the sermon!
Lines longer than the line for the latrine after the Haggis at the Regimental Christmas dinner.

Schools not celebrating any Holidays for fear of offending some import or religious group.

"Fruit Cakes"...kick me in the nards and poke me in the eyes with candy canes instead.  For the love of anything good in this world, that is the only thing we should get rid of.

Commercialism defiantly takes away from the spirit of Christmas.  Some of the best presents have been hand made or hand written (that there will be some Naughty for Christmas).
swanita said:
P.S. FYI Christmas is my favourite time of year, but wanted to hear the "not so niceness" of the season.   ;D

Unfortunately, I am married and will let have to let you hear the naughty from the single boys ;D
1.  A buddy of mine exchanged gifts with his GF like 3 weeks early, neither were going to be seprated for the holidays.  I mean..c'mon! it's a Christmas present! that just made me angry!

2.  People that drive like Morons...any time of the year!  ;D

3.  Inconsiderate people in lines, at malls

4.  Not holding a door for somone with there hands full, elderly etc. have some respect/consideration.

that's all i got for now.  And ya, Christmas music! if you listen to it every day....booo


Kat Stevens said:
The "De-Christmassing" of the holidays, ie " festive season", or "Happy Christmakwaanhannumas".

Yeah, espeically considering Christmas was a Pagan holiday to begin with.  What does it matter?
Yeah, espeically considering Christmas was a Pagan holiday to begin with.  What does it matter?

Not that I actually care either way but that's really a half-truth
The actual day coincides with the Roman celebration of the birth of sun on the winter solstice, dated using the Julian calendar as being on December 25,
The Celebration of Christ's Mass (christmas) began as a feast around the late 4th century on December 25th once Rome had become Christianized, but make no mistake it was intended to celebrate
You can see why they would have chosen that day to ease the transition of the empire into a "Christian" state.
Subsequent leaders and eventually popes used pagan days and traditions as a way of easing the "heathens" into Christianity.

Modern Christian traditions generally seem to come from Germany though as far as I can tell.
And I also find those icicle lights that everyone has now really irritating, man they were like tickle me elmo for adults for a while and now they're worse than fruitcake.
I hate Office parties, particularly at small companies. At big companies they are fun.

I also really really hate a group of karaoke singers who decided to that they were so darn good they could put on a Xmas show. That was some kind of awful.