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Irritations of this Season of Peace

I used to work at mall, this is my first Christmas in 6 years that Im not working at a mall during the holiday season.

Here are some of my irritations

1 - People expecting to find exactly what they are looking for the on Christmas Eve
2 - When people get angry that we close early
3 - The lack of saying 'Merry Christmas'
4 - When in high school we couldn't say 'Merry Christmas' it had to be 'Happy Holidays"

But my overall irritation is when people complain about how they have to spend time with their families doing Christmas things.  For me, the traditional Family Christmas only exists in TV shows and movies.  Also, many of you in this forum realize the sadness of not being able to spend Christmas with loved ones or even in Canada.
1. People who brag about getting all there Christmas shopping done in July (my wife).
2. People who wait until Dec 23rd to put up their lights, then leave them up until Labour Day.
3. People who ask for cash as a Christmas present. Why don't we just sit around the Christmas tree and cut each other cheques, for Pete's sake?!?!
4 - When in high school we couldn't say 'Merry Christmas' it had to be 'Happy Holidays"

hmm weird I don't remember any restrictions at my school. 

My biggest complaint is that the Christmas season now starts in the last week of October - that is FAR too early.  Another thing I hate are generic decorations on people's houses.  It is truly annoying to see everyone with icicle lights and those wireframe Reindeer on their front lawn.  Oh and those blowup Frosty and Santa Claus things that people have.

Everyone who knows me knows that I get annoyed with Christmas in November, in my mind the season should not begin till around Dec 10th, but hey who cares about what I have to say.

okay back to essay writing. 
^+1 to that. I hate seeing stores that start bringing out Christmas stuff Thanksgiving weekend.

I also hate that "Happy Holidays" thing. I wouldn't be offended if someone said "Happy Hannukah" to me, I'd think it was pretty cool that someone was celebrating a different holiday. Why should others be offended if I say "Merry Christmas?" I mean, I always understood multiculturalism to be about celebrating differances, not about melding everyone into one generic...thing.

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone.  :P
My family lives in Edmonton - and for the last 10 or so Christma-kwaanukkahmidan's (sorry, couldn't resist) I've been in SK or MB - so to save 7% - yep, I'm a cheap bastard - I save all my Christma-kwaanukkahmidan shopping for when I get to Edmonton.  Then I make a list of what I'm going to get for everyone, and figure out if it can all be purchased at West Edmonton Mall.

Now, I know - by going to West-Ed in December, I'm actually facing a mark-up that easily eliminates my 7% PST savings - but at least a Japanese-American megacorporation gets my money and not the CCRA.

So now, here's what I hate about this wonderful time of year:
1. Traffic and parking.
2. People not holding doors.
3. People stopping in the middle of the fast-walk lane in the mall to gawk at an item in a store window across the slow-walk / gawk lane.
4. West-Ed's smell - seriously - for a unique olfactory experience - do your Christma-kwaanukkahmidan shopping on 24 Dec in WEM.

What I like:
1. Getting half-cut on Bourbon St while doing my Christmas shopping.
2. Riding the Roller Coaster while half-cut
3. Topping up on Bourbon St
4. Taking a load off in a urine-soaked hot tub while half-cut
5. Topping up on Bourbon St
6. Blowing my last $40 for the forseeable future at the Casino (first time I did this, I walked away with $360 - so it created a tradition)
7. Sobering up at the cheap theatre
I hate the holidays...

I hate the lines...the scrums over the last item....the people who take up the cashiers time because they want to return something they bought for someone, but found that someone had gotten them the same thing...the stupid Christmas commercials (honestly, who gift wraps a Car for F*cks sake!)

The overly cheering sales associates, the overly grumpy sales associates....people who always ask you if you've finished your shopping, and go on to go into detail as to how they have, and list every little thing they got...

the people who complain about having to go to the in-laws, the people who complain about not having anywhere to go..

making up my Christmas leave schedule...the lines to see the shopping mall santas, and definitely the "little elves".....

People who start talking all bloody Christmacy...people who tell you you'll be getting coal....having to mail out the CO's Christmas cards to every bloody unit in the NCR...the traffic when you near a mall...the traffic IN the malls :threat:

I DO, however, like that sexy Christmas Santa's helper lingerie >:D

Merry F****** Christmas, everyone
2 Cdo said:
The wholesale, politically-correct removing of anything "Christian" during this "holiday" season! In Winnipeg at my sons' school, no mention of Christ or Christmas was allowed. But the halls and gymnasium(for the Holiday concert, not Christmas concert) were covered with posters depicting and mentioning Kwanzaa and Hannukah. I personally don't care what faith a person is but if we are going to "outlaw" anything Christian at this time of year should not the same thing be applied to ALL FAITHS!

It is time for Canadians to put an end to this PC nonsense, all faiths preach charity, love, forgiveness and respect for others. Maybe it's time to implement this. Maybe, if you are one of those people who get offended by anything Christian invading your sad and pathetic lives, we should remind ourselves that our forefathers (predominatly Christian) helped settle this country, and based our system of law and order and government on mainly CHRISTIAN ideals.

As I mentioned earlier, I have no problem with people of other faiths, but I have a HUGE problem with those who are trying to change our society to a bland, non-offensive, no tradition wasteland! Folks it is Christmas time, it is a Christmas tree, if you don't observe that faith, fine. Just don't expect me to call it anything else.

Thus endeth the sermon!

Here here 2 Cdo, pontificate away.   The fact is that Canada is, and always has been indeed a predominantly Christian country and the rest of us religious or ethnic minorities joined that majority, not vice-versa.  Furthermore, we non-Christians are not denied the right to celebrate our holidays in our  way.  And lastly I contend that this PC silliness is more divisive than unifying.  And that is the irritant that can ultimately dash the hopes of having a season of peace.   Vive La Difference !!!! For that is what makes this such a great place to live.
For those who hate the de-christening of Christmas,
Should make a copy of that and send it to all Politicians.

" this PC silliness is more divisive than unifying."
How true

1) Wal-Mart, and the hordes of morbidly obese people on those disablility-scooters who shop there who think they own the bloody store, stop in the middle of aisles to chat to their morbidly obese, scooter driving friends, and hold up people trying to walk in both directions, and then repeatedly bump into your ankles when you're ahead of them in the check-out line. Thoughts of murder start to drift through my head...

2) Ignorant people who are too lazy to put there shopping cart in that little shopping cart hut and instead just leave them drifting throughout the parking lot, or just give them a shove in the direction of the shopping cart hut, and instead bang the cart into someone elses car, and just leave it there.

3) Elvis Christmas Songs.

4) The crush to buy the newest, hottest toy... which for some reason is always a stupid, idiotic thing that no one would have asked for when I was a kid (Furby's, or that retarded spider/horn animal thing that it is this year).... btw way, what the hell is wrong with kids these days, anyway?

5) The driving..... why is it that snow hits the ground and every moron, retard, jerk and blind person goes out and gets a licence? Why is it that people forget to use their signal lights, and smash into light-posts, and sideswipe dump-trucks, and plow head-on into other cars? I'm almost positive that 2 months ago things were not this bad.

6) The fact that Mistletoe, Poinsettas, and Holly are all joyful, festive things, but they are severely damaged by the cold, and poisonous.... WTF? Who selected these things!!!!!
Dog said:
2) Ignorant people who are too lazy to put there shopping cart in that little shopping cart hut and instead just leave them drifting throughout the parking lot, or just give them a shove in the direction of the shopping cart hut, and instead bang the cart into someone elses car, and just leave it there.

Must suck at a time like that when your credo is "Never Pass A Fault" huh? ;-)
Ah, yes Christ-My-Ass!
The thing i truly hate the most is that others (family) expect me to be nice to people i really don't like. This is usually good for a few fights through the "holiday" season, when i get loaded and tell someone off!

Who came up with the "holiday" moniker for the Christ-My-Ass season anyway, what a f**king misnomer that is!
Michael Dorosh said:
Must suck at a time like that when your credo is "Never Pass A Fault" huh? ;-)

One thing leads to another and pretty soon, I'm putting my head through brick walls....
1. Finishing school on Dec.23...WTF is that?!?!
2. People driving too close to the sidewalk too fast and getting crap all over 'walkers' (when it's snowy or slushie)...some people don't like to be covered in black crap that came off the tires or exhaust of your damn car and dirt off of the road...slow the hell down or switch lanes!
Family that thinks Christmas has to be on the 25th.  It's just a day on the Calender, not the spirit of it.

I've worked the last 5 and the next few. That's my schedule, and I imagine there are alot of you out there that can't be home that day.  I suppose there are even some of you that will celebrate it at any time of the year depending on your tours.
People who wouldn't cross the street to pee on you if you were on fire ordinarily, becoming falsely jovial and well wishing...save it, I don't need it.
1) being on the opposite hemisphere as the rest of my family
2) knowing that the "draw down is happening next month" for the next 6 is going to remove any chance at HLTA
3) Main Camp making me pull double shifts cause I'm the IC and forcing everyone else to attend the mass christmas dinner there, rather than letting us have ours here like we requested.
4) crappy motorola's don't work when it's cold and the FC is getting angry about all the Say again's yet still mumbles his messages.
5) stupid people