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January 20th BMQ

Cool congrats! I got an offer for RCR but may be getting switched to PPCLI, I don't know the possibility yet. Anyone going to either of those regiments? Anyone from Edmonton?
I'll be starting on the 20th as well, AVS Tech. Everyone starting that day should add me on facebook. Name is Rabbitt Charlebois
profile pic will be this
I'm the one on the right.
And then maybe we can all start a group chat on FB?
Zac Zasiedko, I know I had set some kind of privacy search years ago, so if anyone has any problems finding me, let me know on here.
Weeks before holidays they would have set up Jan 6th bmq. After holidays they will set the rest of us Jan groups up. I am expecting swear in however
I'm not on Jan 20th BMQ, I'm on Jan 27th, but I was told that I will be getting my flight ticket and info at my swearing in. I assume that you will be too Mrjasonc, as we have the sameĀ  swearing in ceremony :)
I am not worrying myself with all the logistics of it. I am more worrying about spending these last few weeks with my wife and sons. I am sure they will let me know when my ticket is ready etc ..... Probably swear in is when I get all info I "need". And Yes amills990 I swear in the 15th with you.
Hey guys my name is Kurt Kennedy. Feel free to add me on FB! I look forward to meeting you all in Quebec :)
Another AWS Tech! Congrats Pintz! Looking forward to seeing you there.
Congrats Pintz. Looks like AVN, AVS and AWS Tech are going to be spending quite a bit of time together.
Lilneeko said:
Jan 20th as a boatswain. Anyone coming from Oshawa?

Im swearing in on the 16th in Oshawa, then the train out the 18th. Guessing I will see you there.
AWS Tech.
Most people it seems are from the east. Any Alberta people? Also name is Zac if we end up being in the same platoon.
Getting pretty excited now, today's my last day of my job before flying out, still not nervous which is good. what platoon are you guys/girls part of R0013 or 18 I know both are English. Anyways, R0013 for me.