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January 27 BMQ


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I got "The Call" today !!

BMQ starting January 27
Leaving by train January 25

Who else is going????
I got selected for Naval Communicator !
i have that "gut feeling" there was 13 spots for my trade and about 6-7 people applied, and i would assume they would try to keep similar trades together
See I don't know if they would keep similar trades together or not ..... From what I know (which granted is not much at all) BMQ's are generally a mixing pot of trades and diverse cultures. Really the only thing I think they do on purpose is split up same CFRC's for the case of "relationship" .... I am sure they don't want already established "groupies"
only one way to find out :), but i would assume for meshing they would try to keep certain skill set groups together as best as possible.
Yes sir, only one way to find out. So lets get the show on the road  ;D
Congrats. I'm waiting for my call for medical technician too! Are you going in semi skilled?