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Job Posting: Principal, Royal Military College of Canada


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Royal Military College of Canada
Kingston, Ontario

Established in 1876, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) is a bilingual military-civilian university that is proud of its heritage of producing leaders for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Canada. Its mission is to produce officers with the mental, physical and linguistic capabilities and the ethical foundation required to lead with distinction in the CAF. Its role is multifaceted and unique, and it is dedicated to the education and development of leaders committed to serving Canada through a programme that consists of four components: Academics, Military Leadership, Physical Fitness and Bilingualism. Located in the historic City of Kingston, against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Ontario, RMC has approximately 200 faculty, 400 staff and 3,600 part-time and full-time graduate and undergraduate students (on-campus and distance learning) in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Engineering.

The Principal is the academic leader of RMC accountable for defining the academic policy and frameworks for the College and for the operation of all academic and second language activities of the institution. The Principal provides the corporate leadership for the development and execution of the strategic concepts, planning and broad executive management necessary to maintain the long-standing tradition of the College as an institution of academic excellence. The Principal represents RMC both nationally and internationally, working to maintain and further promote the College as an accredited university of academic excellence. The Principal is also the senior academic advisor of the CAF.

The Principal works within the structure of the CAF where the command structure supports the generation and operation of military resources. As a corporate leader of a hybrid military-civilian university within this command structure, the Principal must navigate the affairs of the university through the chain of command. The Commandant is the senior military officer, whereas the Principal is the senior academic officer.

Closing date: February 6 2019
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