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Jun 2022: "Canadian Military Snipers Getting New Rifles"

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This from the CF info-machine ...
... Following a competitive process, a $2.6 million contract was awarded to Stoeger Canada to deliver the new weapon systems, including the 229 C21 sniper rifles and associated accessories such as suppressors and cleaning/maintenance kits.

Sniper rifles provide accurate direct fire on targets beyond the capacities of most small arms such as the C7 rifle. The new C21 sniper rifle will replace the current C14 and C3A1 sniper rifles and provide Canadian Army snipers with a next generation weapon with a proven effective range of 1200 metres. Deliveries of the C21 are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

These new weapons are part of a wider project to equip sniper teams with new clothing, equipment, and weapons to improve our soldiers’ ability to operate effectively in various environments and under a range of conditions ...
Considering the Sako TRG bombed out of ASR for a number of safety related issues I find this interesting :rolleyes:

Other NATO countries etc buy the Barret MRAD Mk22, Canada says hold my beer.
It may be that small drones can do a better job than sniping with rifles and offers the operators more concealment.
I've been retired for years so I don't know the level the CAF is involved using drones.