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Just a quick question on deployment wait times


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Hello, I just have a question on deployment waiting times. My sisters good friend went off for his BMQ/SQ sometime around June/July and finshed just recently. Apparently he is stationed in Meaford right now and in 3 weeks he is going on deployment to Afganistan. Is this even possible? I have heard many Army.ca members say that they had to wait a few years before deployment was offered? If this helps at all he is Infantry with RCR I belive.

Alex :cdn:
I suspect he is full of BS.

The EARLIEST possible date he could deploy is in Aug, and that is if he finished his 16 weeks of infantry tng by early March.

That is also IF he is going to 1 RCR.
Keep in mind, traditionally people either not in the CF or just starting tend to exagerate their stories to familly and friends. In most cases a person going on tour will know thay are deploying 6 months or more in advance and the CF is not yet hurting to the point that they are recruiting people to be sent directly overseas with little or no training.