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Little Help re; CF unarmed combat teams....


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Can anyone provide me with some insight in regards to CF Regimental "Unarmed combat teams"? Who has them? Do they compete and if so, with whom? Are their activities/training restricted to specifics/techniques instructed by the CF, or do they branch out into more modern MMA? I have spoken to a member of the 4RCR who claims they have a team headed by an unarmed combat Instructor. I would appreciate any info available so I can formulate a decent argument if proposing my unit forms one turns out to be a reasonable possibility.

Much appreciated.
Your a corporal in the QoR

they have unarmed combat instructors...have you thought about asking them? might be easier to get info.
Of course I have thought about it. Unfortunately I won't be seeing them until next week, and i am interested in this info as soon as possible. Can you be of some assistance?
when I was in 4 RCR (I left in march), there was 3 I can think of off the top of my head that were unarmed combat instructors.
they've changed the qualifications to be unarmed combat instructor. there's not too many of them boys out there right now. I'm going to see if I can somehow sqirm my way onto that list, doubtful though.
most units'll have someone that's qualified to, or damn near qualified because of the amount of martial arts they've done (there's at least one in every unit, don't hide it).
I know the QOR's got a couple of cops in the unit (did my para with one of them, dickie as I recall), so maybe they'd be able to guide you towards something.