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Looking for Robert "Greasy" Gallant


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If anyone knows the whereabouts of R.E. Gallant "Greasy" was his nickname, he served with 2 RCR from 1982 to 1988. Apparently returned to his home in PEI.

Please PM me

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Trying to get this name back up front, c'mon folks, this guy was solid, and funny as heck, somebody has ro remember him!
Hey glock, yes try the RCR association board; you'd probably find someone there to help locate said individual if he was with the 'Family'. There are a lot of retired / exRCR's (and other trades posted to one of the Btn's on the board) from over 40 years ago to the present. Someone there should know who you are looking for - good luck.
I 2nd & 3rd the last two posts. Sure you'll find help there.

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12 years to late...did you ever get Robert’s contact details.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2008, cancer.