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M60 + 850 Round Belt = Fun


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This may be a re-post but I searched and couldn't find it so here goes



talk about a numb trigger finger (and face, and shoulder, and ....)

You would almost need a front end loader to pick up all that brass if you had a couple of those on the line at once.

I did my time on the ole M60, even up to the rebuild end of things.

No matter what though, the bolt head will still chip out, and the bbl removing will always remain a pain in the arse.

Those that have been there will understand.

Good video though!

qjdb said:
You would almost need a front end loader to pick up all that brass if you had a couple of those on the line at once.

Or two troopers with brass magnets.
Ok I'm getting old and have been out of the field for some time, but what's the point? I get a hardened barrel and the advantage of decreasing the interval between barrel swap outs but how important is a barrel that will withstand a continuous burst of 800 to 1000 rds? As someone that used to hump the pig, I would have preferred they spent the time, money and effort on making it lighter. I see this change useful for a defensive fire plan and that's about it. Even then a good crew should be able to swap out a barrel in less than 15 seconds. Assuming your fire plan is a coordinated effort with overlapping fields of fire this will not significantly decrease the amount of rounds heading down range at any one time. We used to teach gunners to fire 6 to 9 rd burst to prevent barrel over heat and allow them to correct their aiming point. Two guns working in concert can put a continuous stream of lead on target without worrying about barrel overheat.
What am I not seeing?  Perhaps one of you hard chargers can help to re-educate this relic from a previous war !
Might I suggest this as a replacement for the M60 (irony taste so good!)  8)



Dogboy said:
bad joke as to how one whould feel after that.


Physically - a tad bit sore
Spiritually - to quote Homer Simpson "Wa hooooooooooooo"