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Mel Lastman, former Toronto mayor, dead at age 88


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Mel Lastman, long-serving and often controversial former Toronto mayor, dead at age 88​

Lastman was a 'true leader and builder,' says Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Mel Lastman, the brash, outspoken pitchman-turned-politician whose array of gaffes, missteps and personal scandals did little to diminish a remarkable career as mayor of Canada's largest city, has died at the age of 88.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford confirmed the news in a Saturday evening tweet, describing Lastman as a "true leader and builder" for Toronto.

"He was a great Mayor and he touched many lives," Ford said.

"Mel, you will truly be missed. My thoughts are with the Lastman family at this difficult time."

Reacting to Lastman's death, federal Conservative Party Leader Erin O'Toole described him as a "remarkable leader," while Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said he had a "wealth of knowledge" on Toronto, Ontario and Canada as a whole.

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What's the weather like in Toronto? Hopefully there won't be a need of extraordinary snow clearance for his funeral.
Maybe the Hells Angels can provide security for his last ride???

I’ll see myself out
I worked for four chairmen and two mayors. Three are still alive.

We tried to take it away from them because they had us by the balls. We fought like hell but couldn’t get rid of it. You don’t know what we had to go through. Try and fire them, you can’t. It’s jobs for life!
R.I.P. Mayor Lastman

Hopefully there won't be a need of extraordinary snow clearance for his funeral.

I guess that was inevitable.


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