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Military hospital


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Do we actually have a hospital anywhere in Canada just for military personnel?  I'm not talking about the MIR, but a full-scale hospital with operation rooms. 

Does anyone think we should have one or is it not feasible?


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We have one military hospital - in Halifax at Stadacona.   Soon we will have one in Ottawa linked to the Montfort hospital.   We currently have a military ward and operating room at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus now.   The Montfort and Civic replace the former National Defence Medical Centre in Ottawa that no longer houses in-patients.

We have many other relationships with civilian hospitals In Vancouver (Trauma Centre), in London, ON (Health Science Centre),   Ste Anne's Hospital (Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec) for Veteran's & specializing in PTSD and are linked to the University of Alberta Hospital.  A more complete list can be found at:

Our military specialists work in most of these locations, we could not afford to have our own hospitals as in the old days with NDMC.   NDMC housed many veterans that now reside in the Perley Rideau Veteran's Health Centre in Ottawa.   When the veterans moved out in the mid-90's and the Members of Parliament ceased to desire military health care, our ability to support and maintain the structure diminished greatly.

Our best links are to serving and retired military physicians who are leaders of many of Canada's finest health care facilities.   Our uniformed physicians (and those on the Primary Reserve List) working in trauma and medical training hospitals across Canada maintain the diverse skills required on deployments that are not required on a day-to-day basis on most military bases.

We have priority access in many facilities through these strategic partnerships.