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Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt, FR...any feedback


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Searched some of the older posts concerning moisture-wicking, cooling FR t-shirts, and am wondering if anyone had updated feedback on them.

We have a number of soldiers deploying to Afghan and am wondering the best choice to recommend for a Flame-resistant wicking shirt (for armoured soldiers this is particularly salient). We currently have Potomac...but it seems to trap in heat/cold, and I have heard that modacrylic could potentially be toxic.

Don't know if anyone has any feedback on Massif's Nomex shirt, the Underarmor USMC approved shirt or Wickers wool-arcylic blend, or failing that, Insight Coolmax.

Thanks in advance, and good luck to all going to your respective deserts.

I don't know anything about the actual USMC Under Armour approved shirt, but I have a couple OD Under Armour shirts I've worn extensively in the field and they're excellent.  I had heard that Under Armour had produced a flame resistant shirt, if it is essentially the same as the original then it should do the trick. 
I was given some DriFire garments to try (www.drifire.com) and can vouch for their wicking and 'cooling' properties (at least as good as any major brand) ... I didn't test the veracity of their fire resistance claims (although they seem to have lots of evidence).  I've seen limited supply of their stuff on CPGear, but don't know who else in Canada carries it).

P.S> DriFire is USN/USMC NavAir Certified: http://www.drifire.com/blog/?p=175
I've got a 5.11 series FR shirt. I swear by FR stuff now. it feels a little heavier then the issued shirt. but I actually don't noticed a difference between wear that and the issued shirts.
the shirt actually feels like it's kind of actually more molded to the body. kind of hard to explain. but it just feels like it fits better. need to buy more.
Thanks for the replies so far gents...just to let you know I also tried a driFire shirt, but found it also to be a bit on the "hot" side.

Anyone have experience with Wickers or Massif Cool Knit T Shirt?  As I mentioned earlier I've been hearing rumours of toxicity WRT modacrylic (which is in Potomacfieldgear, driFire and others), and have found the shirts to trap heat, so any further experience would be appreciated.

Thanks again :)

Edit:  Also have found a local manufacturer of Nomex goods here in Toronto, will have to pursue.

As for Under-Armor, I think they are producing a Nomex long-sleeve tee with wicking properties...more to follow.
FYI on the 5.11FR shirts -- they are flash resistant -- but they will burn if exposed to a continuous flame for a period of about 3-4 sec...
I wear them in the summer as some of the other FR gear like Carbonex etc gets hot under the nomex -- but its a tradeoff.