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My Fathers Retirement Memory Book - Looking for Pictures, Stories etc.


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I am captain Robert J Duncan's eldest daughter. He will be retiring on March 22nd just before his 60th after 43 years of service. He was Regimental Sergeant Major of the GGFG for a period of time and served as Adjutant of the ceremonial guard for a while as well. He has played active roles in the changing of the guard process as well as in Fortissimo. He is currently retiring from his current position of OUTCAN Coord 2-2.

My sisters and I are creating a memory book for him with pictures, stories from people he has had the privilege of working with, his military career history etc. I am looking for people who have worked with him/know him etc who could provide me with scanned pictures or written stories/memories that I can include in this book. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.
Erin Ruck (nee Duncan)