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Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

Is it the ex-challenger remodelled Al-Hussein MBT being redone for Jordan?
A lot of that suspension looks like Leo 1.  A Muzzle Reference System.  Uparmoured.  Too much weight in the back causing the front to lift (perhaps a larger powerpack).  Would that publication have been CASR?
It appeared in Janes for several years (including my old copy of the AFV Recognition Guide) and is even in the title of an tank history book!  ;D

George, you're on the right track (no pun intended!).
Arggh, all my books are currently in box somewhere while I reno the livingroom.  Have been searching the net and thought I had it with the Polish T94 Gorilla but then found pics and still not right. :rage:
Well, there is the Vickers Mk. 7 Valiant; Vickers turret on Leo 2 hull.  I thought it didn't look like the pic I had at first, but...
Argh, I can't believed I passed over that a few days ago!  Pictures have been hard to come by, google image search keeps giving me an Osorio, and the picture in The Encyclopedia of Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles (2002, Editor: Christopher Foss) doesn't seem to match the hull shape, although the camo pattern is the same (despite being in black and white)

Where did you find pictures for it, and where can I find out more about it?
There's not much out there anymore.  Jane's carried the tank until recently, but development has ceased.  Try some older Jane's books for more info (I have an old AFV Recognition Guide that includes the Mk 7...).

Here's a page in Czech (!) with a lot of detail and some pics:  http://mainbattletanks.czweb.org/Tanky/vickmk7.htm

Too bad it's gone - the Mk 7 had a great deal of potential; best of both worlds IMHO.
It really looks like the generic 1st world MBT

Anyway, here's mine.  I think it also has never seen production, and has a bit of an interesting history to it.

That is the Jaguar Main Battle Tank Prototype

The Jaguar Main Battle Tank (in reality a light tank) was first put forth in 1989 by two of the more interesting partnerships.  America's Cadillac Gage teamed up with China's National Machinery Equipment Import & Export Corporation to produce a  modified and upgraded version of the Chinese Type 59 tank.  The political scene in both countries in the early 1990's however led to the design never being put into production, however with the outbreak of war and China's need for military supplies to fight against Russian troops  the Jaguar was once again revisited.
The improvements made originally were retained, a Detroit Diesel engine was standard issue along with a 105mm cannon (equipped with a thermal sleeve) along with computrzied fire control systems completed the package.  The design itself was produced in North America initially and shipped to China, it is estimated that some 75-200 models may have been produced prior to the November Nuclear Exchange.  It is known that 75 of these were not shipped and were in both dock facilities to be shipped and at Cadillac Gages facility awaiting transport.  The status of these 75 tanks is currently unknown.

From http://www.wapahani.com/updmbt.html
Wow .. that was fast... lol

one more ... although if you got that one quickly you will likely get this one just as fast...


You are good :)

Next one's to you - I am out of pics for today lol