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NCM Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP)

safetysOff said:
I could teach you many things young grasshopper  ;D

Not too many...I think "young" went out the window when I got that first clasp to the CD...  ;)
Has anyone gone through NCM SEP by CTing from the reserves? Has anyone done it and can share their experiences.
I have applied to the available programs to college, been accepted, and put a CT in for LCIS. Ottawa e-mailed me telling me CTs were closed until March 31st. Went to the CFRC and they said they will not receive the list for which programs/trades will be subsidized until the CTs are open again, so was told to wait out.
As well if you did do the NCM SEP from the reserves, did you stay with your home unit if you went to a local college until you finished your program?

I am curious about getting into an NCM SEP program after initially applying for a couple of Naval Electronics Tech trades that have since filled up. The last recruiter I spoke to suggested I just go and apply for an acceptable trade school program and then show them my acceptance letter. Will the recruiting centre require me to reapply with the new NCM SEP entrance trade or can they just adjust my original application?
Also, if I applied for the fall 2011 semester, is it reasonable to think that I could be offered acceptance into the military at this time of the year?
I hope these questions aren't too mundane... I am just so focused on my objective to get into the CF and I want to do everything right now, Ahhh! Thanks to anyone who replies.
The Navy has a contract with the Marine Institute in St. John's.  You should be able to fill out an application for MI at the RC.  They should send it away for you, and take care of the college's application fee.  Studies at MI begin in January, so that would give you lots of time to get your processing out of the way and get BMQ done.
How long has it been since you have applied to the previous NET trades that have filled up?
If your application is recent, then YES they can adjust your original application
The way it works is they will change your application status from "Unskilled" entry to "NCM SEP" entry
I know because I just had them adjust mine last month

I dont believe that was his question but it doesn't hurt to inform him of different paths to take
keep in mind, there are many other credited civilian colleges that he could choose from
The disciplines/diplomas can vary from school to school even though they are for the same occupation
Example- For NWT
You could choose
                    Electro-Mechanical Engineering at Marine Institute of Memorial University
                    Electronics Engineering at Seneca

As for your last question. Correct me if I'm wrong
1. You receive an acceptance letter to college for the Fall 2011 semester
2. You enroll for the Fall 2011 semester
3. Is it possible to receive a job offer from the CF as an NCM SEP applicant around the Fall 2011 semester?
Hi again.

I appreciate the responses that have been posted as they have been pretty helpful.

In response to Agc, you did clear up some confusion I had about the Marine Institute. I assumed that I would have to apply on my own to M.I.T. but I will probably head to the Recruiting Centre if I decide to go that route. I did apply to my local trade school that has an electronics program that the CF will accept for the NCM SEP program. And January seems like an ideal timeline for me, if the program I have applied to is full.

To franciscorivera, I think you answred the main premise of my question. I initially submitted my application last April (2010) but I finally got a call in March 2011 to see if I was still interested. I told the recruiter that I definately was, and they began processing my app. I went in a few weeks later to see where my file was at, and they informed me that the trades I chose had since filled up but I could persue the NCM SEP if I got accepted into a post-secondary institution. So here I am, just waiting to hear back from my local school.

So yeah, my last question was this: If I do get accepted to SAIT for the fall of 2011, will that be enough time for my file to be processed (including reference checks, interview, aptitude tests, etc.) so that I can be sworn in. I only ask this because the CF recruiting centre tends to  take many months to move things forward (in my case anyway). I don't mean to sound negative, I just want to know if it's a realistic timeline.

Anyway, thanks for your time and I look forward to reading your reply.
Is there anybody on here that is currently or recently attended the Marine Institute of Memorial University for:
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician diploma
Electronics Engineering Technician diploma

I would love to hear some feedback as this is the path that I have applied for
So, I'm going into Grade 12 next year, and I'd like to get go through the NCM-SEP program if possible.
I emailed a recruiter, asking about programs and colleges, and he sent a really detailed reply about what the program was about.
However, there was no information on accredited programs for becoming an Avionics Technician. For all of the navy trades, he included a list of accredited college programs to go along with it. But for the land based ones, there was nothing.

I've found this while searching through the forums:

but that info doesnt match up with the info I got from the email, and it doesn't include any schools for avionics either.
Basically what I'm asking is, how can I become an Avionics Tech through the NCM-SEP.

I can upload the PDFs(or can I?) he sent me, if thats necessary.
The colleges that currently have eligible 2 year (technician) and 3 year (technologist) programs is quite long, You could try emailing the contact centre again with an area of the country that you wish to study in and the specific occupation that you are interested in. The recruiters could then better advise you of the schools in that area. Keep in mind that the list may change as it is over a year away. You could also try the toll free number at the contact centre and speak directly to an online recruiter. 1-866-966-8718 between 8 and 4 eastern time.
When I did my basic, we were a platoon of NCMSEPs and there were a few AVN/AVS techs. Most of them went to college in northern Ontario. I beleive the college was Canadore in North Bay. But I suppose that is only relevant depending on your location.
There is a complete list, but it's on the DWAN only. Might be on the internet side of the system, but I couldn't find it. 

The institutions for AVS are BCIT, NAIT, SAIT,  Canadore College, Centennial College and CÉGEP d’Édouard Montpetit - École nationale d'aérotechnique (ÉNA) from what I can see.
Thanks for the quick replies.
So I called the toll free recruitment center number, multiple times, but I can only leave voicemail.
I've emailed them again, and since they sent a quick reply last time, I'm hoping they'll do the same again.

My next question is:
My brother signed up for the reserves in about February of this year, and he hasn't recieved any word or email on anything. I'm worried this would happen if I signed up for the NCM-SEP, because well, waitings a b**** especially when its your future on the line. Assuming that my program at BCIT is acceptable, when would be the best time to sign up, and how long would it take them to contact me (or how long after should I follow up and call them)?

Thanks again.
I did NCM-SEP as an AVS tech.  The list of institutions posted previously is correct, except you can scratch out NAIT, their program will be shut down as of this year.  It is a completely separate entry plan, you select it from day 1 at the recruiting centre, and it has a whole different set of recruiting numbers compared to the normal entry plan.  Your recruiting centre should be able to tell you the numbers for NCM-SEP vs regular entry plan.
The email I recieved today lists the same schools that you just did, so thanks for that  :nod:
Also, what do you (@lobotomized_ncm) mean by recruiting numbers?
This was also in the email:

"Unfortunately those occupations are not currently available for NCM-SEP at this time." ("Those" referring to AVS Tech, and Weapons Engineering Tech. which I had also asked about)

Do openings come regularly, or am I just screwed? I'm hoping to apply around October/November, and right now, it doesn't seem like Octobers that far off. Thats my last question(well, I'm pretty sure it is). Unfortunately the closest recruiting office is pretty far, and the phone always goes to voicemail, so these forums are the best place to find relevant info at the moment.

Thanks again for the help
There are recruiting targets for every trade, further divided into various entry plans.  As far as most NCM trades go, you don't have a lot of choice... the regular entry plan, and NCM-SEP (some specifics for various other trades...).  If they aren't taking NCM-SEP, that means most likely for the next year.  They may have more info at the recruiting centre about future years.  I know that when I went, we were the second year that NCM-SEP was offered for AVS.  I believe they then took a break for a few years, and then offered it for a couple more years.  As far as when to apply (remember, your mileage may vary..), but I applied in January and started school that September.  Keep checking, they may open it up a little bit later in the year, maybe someone who knows the timeline better than me may have a better answer.
Is there a possible way for me as a boatswain to take marine engineering somewhere else besides the marine institute?
Hey Jimi I was going through the NCM-sep thread and realized the ex-reserve bosn was me have not seen you out here East yet. And yes what I did complete was a compent transfer when switching into the NCM-Sep program although it is not as hard as getting an occupational transfer. It still took 6 months and I was hounding almost every day for some it can be upwards of a year. Besides just getting into the program I strongly recommend it, as it is a very good go and after completing college you receive your acting lacking LS which is alright for most who have never been on a ship before.
Hey I did do the NCM-SEP program from the reserves my CT took me a little over 6 months mind you I did mine in 2009. When I went to college you do not stay with your reserve unit I left HMCS Star and became apart of ASU-Toronto. I understand its much later in the year, I hope your CT got started or maybe even went through. Good luck in your studies.
Hey, I just have a quick question.. If I joined as an NCM-SEP, and then after my program was over I decided that I didn't want to continue as a member of the Forces. I would be responsible to pay back my tuition plus my pay while I was in school correct?