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Need advice ... in a tough situation

Trinity said:
Well... if you're in the military so you can get out and have a good civilian career...  you're in for the wrong reason.

Now I say this with all due respect, I realize I'm new and at the moment not in high standing with the admin. of this forum.

I've been accepted into the army and am slated to begin training this September. My main purpose for joining has always been to gain more life experience in order to become a better candidate for civilian law enforcement. I've been honest about that fact with everyone including my interviewer (for the military) and have recieved nothing but positive support from both the military and law enforcement sides.

My mindset may not be the best way to approach a new career but civilian law enforcement is the goal I've set for myself and if serving in the military is going to help me achieve that, well then that's what I'll do. The fact that I'm serving my country in the process is a very welcome benefit.

Well, things haven't started out to well have they.  You would be surprised how small the Military is and how many in the military are on this site.  People will be watching how you deal with your introduction to the warning system.  Suck it up and get on with it.  It is a learning experience like any other.  How you choose to benefit from it is your choice.  Good luck.  People have started out with much worse and done very well indeed.
big bad john said:
Well, things haven't started out to well have they.

No they haven't really. It was the result of my poor search of the forum rules regarding multiple accounts. My fault, live and learn.