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New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

TN2IC said:

Ahemm....any family relations?....
memiiminnee, muummniiee, uurrrhhhooo..
hard to discern which one said it...    :rofl:
"That's Not Fair"!!! 

BYT Driver and TN2IC with an idea. Too bad they didn't have the PLS. They were sick of the field. So they came up with the idea of bring "home" to the field. The sentry didn't know how to search the truck and house at the same time at the in route. Then the MP's showing up behind it stating that the drivers "borrow" the house. But the driver said they were just geography relocated itself without the intent of returning it. So you should of hear the Pl WO on the field phone when the sentry called up.


Honey, I need you to vacuum....HONNNEEEEE???  Dammit!  Where did he get to now?!  And he left his boots on the couch again! 
Quick, hurry now!! You can get camouflage furniture at Leon's Army Surplus!!
Your wife will never see you!! Your boss will never find you!!
0% financing OAC, no payments or interest until 2009!!
Aren't we all tempted to rub our butts on Cpl. Bloggins? That danged Bloggins. He's always right there at butt-level. Every freakin' day! I'll bet he won't sit there after a few good butt rubs.
"at least there is one good use for ACU; it saves me from house work  ;D.  Too bad it doesn't blend in this well anywhere else"
Now where did me pocket change run off too? Oh my....what's this... that's not the remote!
If you dont understand whats written, its probably a good thing so you wont know the ingredients.
mysteriousmind said:
If you dont understand whats written, its probably a good thing so you wont know the ingredients.

hehehe...Bosnia. That dog was here few hours ago.
Let's see, two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese.... wait, where's the cheese?
I tell you, dude!! I can't read what's on the sign, but I suggest that you don't eat that burger
The "Blades Blastin Brave Bashin Brooklyn Bullet Busters Association" 's newest pistol weapon. Watch out Ninja's these guys cock calibur chromes.  ;D